Who still uses 2.8 (sometimes)

little poll :slight_smile:

I have a number of songs created using 2.8. 3.1 is different enough that it would just add one more annoyance and obstacle in getting my albums done if I were to finish them there. (Yes, I tried it.)

I sometimes play around with 3.x to try some stuff but until I’m ready to just make the switch I will tend fire up 2.8 for anything.

I still use 2.8, since:

  1. Loop fine editor is still here and it’s very often used guest in my workflow

  2. Still a lot of UI wasteland in my opinion, kinda slows me down, though a lot of cool new features introduced with new sampler and of course finally Renoise got rid of accordions in 3.1 :smiley:

only 3.1 here because it can do amazing things, but god, I miss the extra screen real-estate.

The new sampler, patterns and the maybe command. Very nice! I didn’t like the layout in 3 but 3.1 is all good so far.

I still almost uniquely use Renoise 2.8.2 for workflow reasons. I just never got warm with 3.1’s layout, although I have it installed for testing purposes and in case I need any of the newer features :slight_smile:

Me will use 2.8 untill 3.8 comes out, period!

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Switched back to 2.8 because the VSTs don’t integrate really well in 3.x. Also I use some tools only available on 2.8.

I’m still stuck on 2.8 because of this : https://forum.renoise.com/t/please-bring-back-note-selection-in-sample-editor/41102

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I am still rocking the 2.8 I’ve have 3.1 for a while but call me old fashoned, i am just too comfortable with 2.8 so I’ll make the change when i feel like it