Who Used / Is Still Using An Amiga?

Get a wireless one if you’ve got the router e.t.c, mine’s working a treat! If you need a hand with the driver files and their networking software, I can supply those too.

Some expansion cards disable the PCMCIA slot if you have more than 4Mb fast ram. I think the blizzard worked around this though. I’ve got a crappy viper with 4Mb which doesn’t, so make sure you research this in case you’re disappointed.

my place is “wirelelessed” (+router) :)
if the drivers you mentioned, work with os 3.1 & kickstart3.1 i’ll have a closer look.
everything here is wap2 encoded i wouldn’t like to go down to just (regular) wap just for the lan with amiga to work.

i’ll have a google about the pcmcia & >4mb issue but if wireless would work. :)

btw: here is a picture of the setup rightnow:

changes pending :)

yeah, the software works on 3.1, I’m running 3.5 & it’s ok. U’ll need Miami & drivers, but I disable WEP as it’s not supported in Miami. I’m still looking for software that supports WEP, let alone WEP2. Still, WEP is secure enough unless you’re dead paranoid, as it take about 2 weeks to crack, and by that time I think you might notice someone sitting outside with a laptop, or another network available!

Whops… 260 MB of course… :P

maybe you’re right.
but since the network isn’t really hosted by me, it will stay all wpa2 encoded here.
guess then the pcmcia solution would be the only option.

Anyone remembers Karate+? Had great music too! (I’m old…)

Yeah, I knew IK+, played that for days, I loved the fact you could press T and their trousers would fall down mid game!

That had bruce lee samples in it I beleive

hey… im currently running IK+ on my cellphone with an app called FRODO which is a C64 emulator coded in Simbian for cellphones…

check it out ! oldscool on newscool :)

i still have my Amiga and C64.


my two cents…

started with the atari 2600 console haha… forgot that soon, :) lol my dad bought a c64…and i started playing games on it …and eh…coding LOL poke this poke that…nothing fancy

then my dad decided to buy a amiga 500… which i soon confiscated lol… played games untill a friend of mine show soundtracker…then protracker came… and then another two amiga 500… we had 3 500’s at that time in the house…then we sold two…and got an a1200… selled the amiga500 but kept the a1200…my dad went to pc… i stayed on amiga using protracker and digibooster…

but then i also went to pc…first an 486dx4 with fastracker … and now …a few pc’s later…on renoise :)


Check out this site:

Ik+ flash game! :)

I started out on Amigas with Octamed back in the day.Only used PCs for the last 6 years or so. Still have a 2000 and a 600. Still usefull sometimes to midi into em and trigger a sample or that nasty sounding pseudo synth in Octamed where you can draw your own waveforms.


ive been using protracker on my A1200… its fun : )

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Cie: that is truly wicked! Does it seem really hard from the beginning though, or have I just lost my touch?

I played some IK+ on c64 this weekend. The web game was a lot harder. Maybe it’s easier with joystick - and the speed is too fast. Set to “yawn” seems ok, but it’s still a lot harder than the c64 version.

IK+ :w00t: That was really cool game, and great music too. I bought used Amiga 500 in 1990 and then new Amiga 1200 in 1992 (sold it in 1996, when I switched to PC), and I’ve used them for everything I use PC today, but mostly I’ve been playing games and tracked :) Amiga OS was really much better than Windows at the time. Anyway, I started on ProTracker and later switched to Octamed Pro 4, but never used it’s midi capabilities. 100% tracking :)

On PC none of the trackers impressed me enough to use it, there was just to much problems with everything (memory management, sound card compatibility etc.) and I didn’t like the “feel”. It just wasn’t as fun as with Amiga. Until Renoise came, that is :dribble: I’ve tried all the popular ones and a bunch of more “underground” creations. ModPlug was close, and Skale too, but only Renoise is the real thing.

I’m still an amiga user. Not for nostalgic reasons but mostly because the amigaOS was a wonderful OS and still is.

Even if i still use my towered amiga 1240/PPC i also own a Pegasos 2. The pegasos is a powerpc motherboard designed to run MorphOS, an amigaOS clone and Linux. The Pegasos 2 features a G4 proc at 1Ghz, DDR ram, PCI, USB, soundchip, gigabit and 100mbps network chip, firewire. It’s a micro-atx board.

more info :


great. and tonight Im going to my friend's place. he also has A1200T but 040 PPC on 200 mhz with BVision. we will see how MorphOS for ppc amigas works. just burned a MOS CD from pc at work & cant wait to try it :) it’s fun :) MOS has very nice design.

Im reading the topic… and I see that many of you were protracker users… maybe someone can help me.

Im looking info about whats diferent from protracker2 (MOD) modules to FT2 (MOD) ones. I want to get implemented a protracker2 play mode on Milky tracker (for better accurate MOD playback) and I need that info for get that mode implemented

At moment I know that protracker have a trick about “change sample without triggering a note” … and I heard about E6x command playing ok… (not sure how is this way cause Im used to FT2 E6X mode)

PLz if anyone know more about whats diferent from protracker2 MOD engine to FT2 MOD one… plz share ;)
Info will be really appreciated

I remember several players played wrongly songs that has tracks with commands, something like this:

example 1:
C-3 04 0921
C-3 04 0924
C-3 04 0923
C-3 04 0921
C-3 04 0922
C-3 04 0923
C-3 04 0924
C-3 04 0925

and plays different if there is something like this:

C-3 04 0921

  • 04 0924
  • 04 0923
  • 04 0921
  • 04 0922
  • 04 0923
  • 04 0924
  • 04 0925

Maybe this will help :)

i only stopped using an A1200 about 3 years ago and switched to cubase on pc - and then it was a gradual process, cos i just found midi far too restrictive - midi sounds are just crap - i like to be able to mess with the sounds. yeah, it was nice to be able to compose songs of more than four tracks on cubase, but i just found the program really fiddly.

i wrote nearly 600 tracks with octamed over the course of perhaps 8 years, but i scarcely managed 30 in 2 years with cubase… if i hadn’t come across renoise i’d probably have stopped making music. i mean - i’ve been using renoise now for over a year and i’ve turned out well over a hundred tracks, so it just goes to show how important it is to have tools that you’re comfortable with… :D