Who wants to collaborate making a children's cd?


I want to make a children’s cd. I wrote 14 songs but could use collaboration with improving them, making lyrics and a person who could sing them.

Some of my works can be found here:


The 2 “Knorrie” titles are from this cd.

I hope someone is interested in this.


Sorry but what do you mean?

I think he means making children’s music. ;)/>

From the “Knorrie” examples I get more of a sense of background music than one of a sung song with a strong (but not complex) melody. The part of Knorrie On the Farm around 48 seconds on is closest to what I was expecting from your description. What are you looking for in a collaboration?

OK! :D

I just want to make a nice cd which kids would enjoy and hope that at least one song becomes an internet hype. So as I said maybe someone can improve the songs. Write some nice lyrics for songs it fits to and I need someone to sing it (which can be done at home or at a small studio or so).
Are you willing to help or know someone?

Some time ago I made this

Click to view contents


which is part of http://chunter.info/2010/05/15/on-a-rainy-day-ep/
and last year I made this

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The “Pam” speech synth character is only designed to sing in Japanese (so it will sound accented,) the cartoon-character design can’t be used for a commercial purpose without permission.

I can write simple lyrics as long as they are in English.
I still recommend simpler arrangements, even simpler than in my examples. If you’re interested, please message me with details about the sort of help you’re looking for. I can’t promise internet hype. ;)

I listened to several of your tunes they are nice but maybe could use some reverb?

Is It Okay To Go Outside Yet? sounds cute with those chip tune instruments!
Several have some fantasy influences which I like!

Listening to some of your tunes I had to think of Röyksopp - Only This Moment.

If you could create something like that: royalties for life!

What I’m trying to do with Knorrie On The Farm is I that I want it to sound like Snappy the crocodile:

I’m looking for a sound for all Knorrie tunes that is acceptable to be played on TV and radio.

If I would send xrns files with vsti’s through dropbox could you improve the tunes or maybe you can give me directions?

Simple English lyrics are OK since they are for children’s songs.

OK! Till next message! :walkman:

I hear it a little bit- send me a private message with a link to xrns and I’ll see if I can find some time.

a children of bodom cd? sure :D :D