Who's doing orchestral music with Renoise?

Just curious who else is doing it? I started with electronic stuff, but with time moved to experimenting with acoustic and orchestral.

I mainly do orchestral stuff. I love me some farty brass and silky strings!

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I do, but i mix in beats and sound effects for a sound similar to old analog audio cartoons. Some of those had mad sound design. All tapes, lots of pitching. Written orchestral pieces or sampled. Pretty cool stuff.

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I did that once, and I found renoise is quite nice for writing orchestral pieces because the tracker interface make ostinatos and runs so much easier to edit, and it is easier to control the dynamics since the both notes and automations are so tightly packed each other, opposing to the event editor or automation tracks in linear daws that you have to switch back and forth just to make some horns to swell evenly.

I will definitely do it again once I have figured out how to use phrase to map CSS articulations.

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Besides my main genres like Jazz, I like to write minimalistic orchestral music. For virtual instruments and key switches Renoise is superior to use, I know by experience… 17-18 years of FL-Studio before Renoise.