Why Allways Ogg?

If you people want others to be able to listen to your songs wouldn’t it be better to encode them as mp3 so that everyone can listen to them? :) Or are they in ogg so that they would not get spread over the internet that much? …no offense meant here… just asking…

I really don’t see the logic of not giving the possibility for everyone to listen your songs. …wtf is going on in here? :) :)


Everything but Windows Media Player plays .ogg files.

some very cheap mp3-players don’t play ogg, though that has changed significantly in the past years aswell.

not really

my Creative Zen Vision M doesn’t play ogg actually :( but I have more room for videos that way I guess! It’s a 60 GB and it’s already 2/3 full D:!

My simple answer: Ogg simply sounds better with a smaller filesize. And as winamp and xmplay support ogg I don’t see the sense of using an outdated format like mp3.

The “I cannot play this”-phrase doesn’t work, because with Audacity we have a tool to convert ogg to whatever. :)

OGG: faster, better, smaller and open.

I usually provide these links when I post ogg’s:

To play ogg-vorbis in: iTunes (Win/MacOS) | Windows Media Player

well have you guys considered that some people do not have audacity? :) :) Or don’t even know what the hell that is?

Think about a 18 year old girl who downloads an ogg and has iTunes? :D Anyways… I can manage to open the ogg… I just do not understand why use only that format to promote your songs when that gives most people a nag screen… Also do I want to convert a song or download a player to hear someone elses promo?


No. ! :)

Not meaning to troll… Just trying to suggest that maybe put an alternative mp3 too (so that more people can listen to your songs).

btw. My iPod does not support ogg :) …heh

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btw. My iPod does not support ogg :) …heh

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029: Well, I think of it this way - if I don’t promote the ogg vorbis-format, then why should people care to adapt to it if everyone keeps using mp3? I honestly don’t think mp3 will disappear and with the right encoder (read: LAME-encoder) it will sound fine, but ogg is a better format in most ways. Even when it sounds bad (when you encode it with a high compressionrate) it will sound better musically than mp3 - it sounds more like an old tape, rather than the mathematical glitches you get with mp3).

hmm that is a good way to put it… I also feel that we should do everything we can to get rid of the mp3 :) Perhaps we should put instructions besides the song downloads how to use ogg on different players.

This has been an issue I’ve pondered over in the past, and I came to the mp3 decision due the many stated reasons above. However, I do prefer the quality of ogg. But if you’re mastering right 192kbps mp3 is damn fine.

And now that I’ve discovered the world of FLAC I think if I ever do serious hi-fi releases on the web I’ll be using that format.