why are you making music?

I thought it would be interesting to see, what kind of plans others (i mean you!) have concerning making music…
Do you try to get a record deal and to make money with your music? Or are you happy with your job and make music just for yourself (and the renoise community of course ;) )? Or both?

Weeeeell, i would like to have the record deal :rolleyes:

After two years of not even being close to anything that looks like a computer (that’s true) i have a long list of ideas and i know what i wanna do: I wanna start a band with a singer (female :P ), a guitarist and me making everything else… i also write lyrics (i’m actually more into progressive rock than electronic music)… so actually all my tracks are just the backgrounds of the final songs… that’s maybe why i don’t pay so much attention to the “perfect sound quality”…

And another thing: i wonder how you actually can be succesful with your music, if you can’t perform it life. The only thing i could do on a gig is to press the play button on the cd player… :huh: ;)

Well anyway, that’s what i’m trying to do… would be nice to hear your plans

My only plan is to keep on making music without compromises with anyone else but me.

“My inspiration is my life: should be enough for the rest of my life…” (myself :P)

ps: making progressive rock on a tracker is possible anyway :)

taktik is playing live with renoise, it’s quite possible.

there are many other electronic groups that can play live,
although some of them are “cheating” and play back almost
everything from premade stuff, but some manage to really
play live on their electronic equipment.

radiohead has had concerts where one of them were routing
a big analogue modular monster in realtime on the scene.

I make music because its the best way for me to be real creative.
As a youngster, I had no creativity inside me. I could not paint, I could not sing, I couldnt write, nothing. I also had no musical education at school.

With 15 I got a C64 and began to play around with DMC and other music-programs, and suddenly it all came to me very easily. Besides music I also started to draw with my hands and I am still making some PC-gfx from time to time, but music does feel most naturally for me.

I simply think if I couldnt do music anymore I would become sick. Same goes for listening to music. Heck, if I should get deaf, I think I would commit suicide. (Which is probably not the case if I would become blind).

because of that I also dont care about recorddeals. I didnt finish 95% of all the tracks I ever started. Most of the time I just screw around and try stuff, like writing funky basslines, exploring rhytmic combinations, programming a good sounding drumset, what kind of chords sound nice, sampling a two bar-loop from somewhere and just trying to play some hammond-VSTi with it for an hour (kinda like jazz-solo-practicing). I do it for me. If anyone else cares to listen, fine with me, but I wont force anything and I will not change anything just because of that.

why do I breathe? because I have to if I want to survive…
why do I make music? because I have to if I want to survive…


Because it’s fun.

right now, i don’t know why.
some years back, when i played guitar (which i dont do anymore for an unknown reason) i would have said that i simply need it not to go nuts completely… i loved it, it loved me and playing music always was some kind of therapy to me.

nowerdays i only program music with my computer, but it honestly doesn’t mean anything to me. it has no life, no spirit for me… still i hang to it… dunno why…
i guess i just have an urge in me to be creative, to create something, and music is the only thing that works for me.

anyway, a plan is to play life again if i finally win in the lottery and can afford a notebook :) i don’t care if most of the stuff just runs premade; there will be always a simple melodie i can play along or i can ‘sing’ to it…
for some time i took part in a little electronic project with a freind, and all synths were controlled by the sequencer life… we didn’t do much more than sometimes sing and dance insanely… and the crowd always gone wild … was fun :)

Don’t get me wrong, of course I make music mainly because I just love it and I love being creative.
The thought of a record deal gives me the last necessary motivation to finish what I start ;) .
I would get crazy without being able to express myself somehow and I would like to share it with as many people as possible (I’m mainly talking about writing lyrics now)
But I would never change my music or its “style” to please a record company or to be in the charts!..there’s nothing worse than making music that you don’t even like yourself! :blink:

I think everyone who makes music do it mainly because they like it/try it, not because they want a record deal. That’s just a bonus (at least for most DJ’s, many started in their attics/basements).

I myself, just playing around with music programs see what I can do (which is not much so far :lol:).

I’m one who just has to do something all day/night (well sleep is also something ;)), so besides my school, work, playing games I had need for something more and because I listen to music every day I kinda just rolled into making it myself. Just couldn’t find easy programs for a long time untill 2 years ago… Don’t have much time left to actually learn, but it gets better :blink:

I make it as an outlet for emotions, so I make it basically for myself. I’d like to get signed one day, but it would probably be to a fairly obscure label, and the conditions would have to be good. I don’t like the idea of other people make money from my music one bit.

I make music only to look more interessant to the girls… B) ---------

I’m joking… :D I started making music last october, because I understood that sometimes words are not enough… I couldn’t only speak with myself, I needed another way of communication with my soul. So I began to make my emotions and music unite… Maybe no one will like my music, but who cares??--------------------------------------------------------

:drummer: stay tuned :drummer:

I just can’t help it… Sometimes a tune or a beat pops into my mind… Or I hear a great tune that inspires me… And then I just have to create a song… Can’t do anything about it…

I´m really a graphic artist, and I feel comfortable when doing that kind of work, because I know the rules, how to break them and what makes a good picture. I have my education there.

But music is more direct, it surrounds you and it can go straight to your feelings…

Its so darn fun to play with sounds.

So you guys never thought of sending your stuff somewhere?
I see it also as some kind of a challenge, seeing how good you are B)

I mainly do music for fun, really. If not for fun, then for a purpouse, which is fun in itself… :)

I really like to have some kind of deadline or reason to make the music, I had a different urge earlier, but it’s latent these days. Some of ye might have noticed that I haven’t released or finished ONE SINGLE rns-tune for some reason. It’s not really any more than a playtoy for me these days, I make small thingies with no purpouse. Try, learn, experiment. But now I have a purpose… A gang of coders want me to make music for a game. This I gotta do for’em, cos they depend on me to make it sound cool, and this is what I like: a purpouse.

Evilcoocie: You should not be ashamed to say that the thought of a record deal drives you, it may be more “pure” to say that the love of music is the drive, but anything that makes the creation tick is reason enough to do it.

Myself, I do poetry for art, words are my notes mainly. That’s what I do best (tho only in norwegian), and that’s what I do purely for myself and that’s what comes directly from my heart with no other intent than to be put on paper.

tho now I’m tired and any words written in this mood just gets f :yeah: cked up… hehe

i make music to get laid. :drummer:

i make music because it’s freeing my spirit… when i dont get any work done
i get angry and break stuff. So music is my way of coping with life :expressionless:

without the possibility of making music… i would surely die inside.

am i the only one picturing a club full of people dancing to my fat beat, while making music? B)

i have to act out creativity and writing music is the most suitable thing for me, as i ascertained a decade ago.
never intended to get rich, famous, more sexy (is it even increasable? j/k) or whatever due to my self written pieces.
music is the basis of all life, without it, this world wouldn’t be worth living.