Why Cant I Load Aif Files into the Sampler

why doesnt the sampler support aif files
would be much easier to drag and drop from ableton

It does. I can load aif files without any problems.

Can you share the non working file?

ok ill try uploadinf one latee , im trying to install straight from abletons menu is that the problem do u think ?


its happening with all the aif files in ableton to be honest even when I import from the actual file location

this is actually shit
I just purchased this pack this week to also use the samples in redux and exporting them one by one out of ablrton is gonna be a headache

i think its only happening with the dpownload packs

It happened to me recently as well. Purchased a sample pack and the files came in AIFF format. Renoise wouldn’t load them and give me an error message. I figured it had to do with my running 3.1 on Windows 8 because some other user was able to open them on the newer version.

im using redux on windows 10

is it because there copy protected or something even windows media player cant play them

Preferably you want it to work straight out da box, but as a workaround perhaps you can convert the aif’s with something like the free flicflac to .wav or .flac etc and be able to load up the conversions?


thank u mate but im not sure u can i tried converting one with an online convertor didnt work , like they only want u to use them with ableton bit dumb if you ask me

I’m fairly certain its not because of ‘copy protection’. (Although you could probably argue that AIFC may as well be ‘copy protected’ to some programs.)

Maybe the thread title could change to: Why Cant I Load Compressed aLaw/uLaw/ADPCM Encoded AIFC Files directly into Renoise/Redux?

how are you certain ?
i found a way around it
drop the sample on a track in ableton right click crop and then u can drag drop it in redux
you could be right though i have no 100% confirmation that they are drm protected , i have emailed ableton but no reply yet

I did use the word ‘fairly’. Very rare that I can be 100%. When it comes to computers I just don’t know what they do nowadays.

But no trouble as you have found an Ableton way around the problem be it ‘drm’ and/or no compression decoder for those file(s).

it is annoying but its easy to be honest one drop right click press and then drop
instead of just drop i can live with that but still annoying the same lol cheers bud for your reply