Why Does Autosuspend Work With Some Plugins And Not Others?

using tal noisemaker, i realize why my cpu is so high. some synths arent autosuspending.

my fav synth linplug morphox autosuspends perfectly. but tal does not.

Sorry but as 80% of your topics (so far) are about CPU, I have to ask… You’re running a QUAD CORE 2.66Ghz machine. Have you ever experienced any CPU problems? Or is this just some sort of weird neurotic thing?

Anyways, the reason some plug-ins don’t auto-suspend is because they are deliberately flagged to not use auto-suspend. Not all plug-ins are equal. To avoid crashes, Renoise comes with an SQLITE database of known plug-ins, located in your preferences folder, and in that database are several “best scenario” configurations. I wouldn’t mess with them.


Renoise only suspends plugins which are silent. The other scenario is that they do spit out a very low hiss, even when they should be completely silent.

PS: More info here.


Hover/click your mouse on the [?] icon for more info about a specific plug-in.

Woops. My mistake. I’m wrong.

I confused “Static Buffers” with “Auto Suspend.”


i fear running out of it. but really, when one synth uses 10 cpu and its not autosuspending, you can see how 10 synths could be a problem as far as running out of cpu. if i have 1 bass, 3 lds, 2 pads, 2 atmos, and 2fx,

maybe i am being a bit ocd, but then maybe im just being cautious.

… and this near silent noise (~ -80db) is a [‘old’] method of prevention for the denormalization problem.

@AstralExistence: try e.g. this 10% synth and load the same synth a few times. write bass, lead, strings, drums with this synth and than check your cpu meter. you will be surprised, i guess.
also every plugin is different. it depends not only on the type of internal processing methods but also on the
programming skill of the dev(s) who did it and with what tools (c or sm,se and max).
idk how much vst knowledge there is but be sure to face one of the ugliest plague in vst land.


No, you are right too. There are a few plugins where we do force auto suspend to be disabled too.

k im gonna do a stress test. ill let you know the results.

k engine, i did what you said, my results are, when i started with one synth, bass say tal noisemaker, the cpu was listed as 22 then whne i added the leads, fx, amto, and pads it seems the more synths i added the cpu kept dropping. i did this with both morphox and tal, i also did an experimnt where i loaded the bass sound from tal, and replaced all the sounds with that one bass, i was so sure before it would only make sense that if the bass start of at 22, then if i add 7 or more, that evry bass i added the cpu would add 22 more points. so 22 x 9 would be 98 cpu over 100 but instead the cpu went down to 12.2 with 9 sysnths playing the same patch. weird, but im very happy now that i know i got the cpu power that i thought i didnt :walkman: