Why Does Renoise Forum Keep Getting Auto Blocked By My Firewall?

The main page loads fine as does the forum main page and the sub forum pages. Entering a topic though always flags this in my firewall.

What’s the deal with this? I haven’t seen any ill effects from ignoring the events. The renoise forum is the only site I have visited that does it.


The firewall is BlackIce btw. ;)

well it’s a false alarm for sure ^^

the word “heuristics” might be near the box you have to uncheck… I guess it gets confused by some javascript… but I don’t use blackice myself, so I don’t know the exact setting that causes it.

Well, if you can turn it off… I doubt from within Firefox it could do any harm.
Nice that certain firewalls seem to be so sharp on these issues.
What kind of firewall do you use?

http://personalfirewall.comodo.com/ (minus the AV, I use something else for that)

I know you mean the OP, but he answered that already ^^

turn off avatars and images in account settings, and don’t trust this site, it’s no longer to be trusted.


you’re kidding, right? images?

Aha… I use Comodo too now and then… the only thing i use it for is the Sand-box… and that only gets turned on if i really want to test some eerie software package.
The rest got turned off really quickly because it annoyed me.

yeah… I only really have it because I wanna know when apps access the internet. I allow it 99% of the time anyway, but I wanna know. it’s more an old habit than an actual security concern ^^

Thanks for the replies. Turning off Avatars has solved the issue.