Why does retriggering change the waveform after the first repeat?

I retriggered a mono hihat sample and rendered to a sample, and when I deleted the first retrigger (itteration? whatever) from one channel to compare the waveform of the start of the retrigger to the rest of them, I found they are different, as shown in the image below. Does anyone know why this may be?
The first retrigger is the exact same as the original sample being retrigged, but all subsequent ones are different.

Do you have any effects devices on the sample? Or mabe an EQ or something. This would be enough to make every retrigger of the sample different.

Nope, empty project, no effects

I take it you’re retriggering using pattern commands? There is a difference in behavior whether you’re using the command in one of the columns (pan/vol) compared to using it in the usual pattern command spot. Look at the status bar in the bottom what the behavior is. Perhaps this explains your question or something else is going on?