Why Doesn't Anyone Do Hip Hop In Renoise?


I do!!


I was gonna put some of my stuff up on here, but I’m currently having extreme problems trying to upload stuff onto this forum (see my other thread).

Here’s my myspace page anyway, if that helps (and yes I made all the remixes in Renoise!!)


(Sorry I can’t listen to your track at the mo… currently at work :()

I do, too… I just don’t put it here… the world is larger than these forums ;)

what botb said.

I have done some hiphop with renoise. But I am not that proud of making hiphop with anything. But atleast it pays the bills.

My track ‘The Suicide Of Giants’ is inspired by Cannibal Ox, with the main beat and vocals being vaguely hip-hop-esque. Of course, it’s mangled to hell and back, wouldn’t want anything straight up. I’ll be incorporating more of this kind of stuff in the future too.

Hmm… well I’d really like Suva to explain how it pays the bills, cos it certainly ain’t paying mine!! :blink:

Most rappers are not very skilled in music production, so they ask some other people to assist them in the process. ;)

I haven’t done anything commercial in Renoise, but I have tried if I can get the rights sounds. I can. :)

yeah hiphop should be done more often on trackers, hiphops a fantastic genre in the history of music anyway, not just for rapping, but cropping out individual drumhits from 1970s funk records (the "breaks) is in it’s self, a time in the music line that was waiting to happen.

But since loozabeats.de doesn’t seem to be updated, I have to ask… where oh where are the goods located?!

I dabble in hiphopesque stuff as well. I have a little hiphop project with an MC in Portland … we call ourselves stirus. As we all know, Renoise (and trackers in general) are wonderful for beat driven music, being basically coked up step sequencers. Obviously, laying out long vocal tracks is a pain in the ass, but I usually use eXT as a VSTi for that.

Any other hiphop out there that’s “powered by Renoise”? Post links! :slight_smile:

Well uhhh… not yet… these lyrics are going to go together with this beat haha… then there’s also this and this(warning btw: crappy mixes, watch your woofer/neighbours) which are the only beats of mine that I like that don’t involve sampling Okay, except this (while based on a sample, it contains enough own stuff so that it feels okay). I don’t view heavy sampling as much as “making beats” but as “making something to rap over/write lyrics to”, but it still takes away the “pressure” to make proper beats… it’s way too fun so sample a guitar riff that rules to begin with and then add bass to it that cuts in and out… I’m a simple person I guess. I’ll end up using a lot of silly tunes as a beat, at least for starters. But to be honest: the biggest hindrance is that I bore myself to death. I write this stuff to get frustration out of my system - I’m not sure I would listen to it myself. It’s getting better (I mean my rapping, if you can call it such), but it’s nowhere near not sucking huge donkey balls :o That I don’t bother with choruses doesn’t exactly help, either. Well, at least my mum likes it, even the harsher stuff haha!

renoise is perfect for making hiphop instrumentals due to its sample-based approach, but for finalizing it does not come in handy, because arranging minutes long acapella tracks is hard to edit freely due to the ware’s pattern-wise structure.

That’s trippy man, I like it!

yeah, cool beat hseiken.

Some of you may have heard these, but here’s some follow-up hip hop tracks…

These were tracked first in renoise to get some patterns going, then exported into XT2 for quick song creation (read: it’s not intricate…just going for a ‘groove’).

Enjoy these…

Eventually, they may turn into fully tracked renoise tunes.


Renoisers cant Rap,
Rappers cant renoise.

Simple as that. :ph34r:

somebody disprove notorious please.

anywho here’s a heap of random beats I made

Heres something I abandoned a while ago [XRNS]

ok long answer then.

Its a difference if your talking about hip-hop , or if we talking about beats.

HipHop = Beats + Lyrics
Beats = Music without Lyrics

The most stuff posted here are beats, so there are 3 possiblities:

  1. You make beats and some guy you know making lyrics for it / you rap by urself.
  2. You make beats and use some Acapella-Raps done by someone different.
  3. You make beats only. But then its not Hiphop, or at least not that Definition of HipHop i know about.

So, ImHo the right topic should be called: Why Doesn’t Anyone Do Hip Hop Beats in Renoise?

Well, how about to start some lyrics then ? Cant be worse then the stuff i hear sometimes in the Top-Ten Music charts :P