Why don't trackers go up to down?


It would be kinda cool to have a up to down mode. More optimistic too.

(Mastrcode) #2

Because they then will play the song reverse…:joy:
No, just a joke. It has always been that trackers are scrolling up. Maybe the creators oft the first tracker ever have oriented the scrolling after the up-scrolling of movie outro’s.

(Conner_Bw) #3

The do whatever you want them to do?



Ahh is he sending it to the very bottom with a Z type command and then making it go backwards by sending each line to the previous? That’s nutty. All of this in this video is. I want to make videos of my songs when I post them and I’ll def watch this again to take some notes

(orrigans) #5

Tracker animation doesn’t get enough love!

Strobe has some good stuff too:


I don’t even wanna think about how long that would take to make