Why Is My Instrument Ignoring My "off" Commands?

I am using is DSK BassZ in a song I am working on right now. Normally, it works very nicely for me, but right now, it’s having issues. It completely ignores any cut-off commands I give it and keeps playing the note even after I have indicated that I want it to cut off. The note even keeps playing after I have indicated that I want another note to play, so even though there is only one column, it plays both notes. I have no effects enabled at the moment. Any idea why it would do this?

Just I’ve tested DSK BassZ and works fine here.
Isn’t the release value of envelope set up max?

looks like sustain is active.

try putting a

--- xx 90 4000  

before the notes, where xx is the instrument number of your DSK BassZ, and 90 is put in the panning column. this should disable sustain.