Why is renoise not showing my AU plugin?

I am creating a new AU instrument plugin. At the moment it’s very basic: no GUI, no presets, no parameters. It just plays a simple sine wave. It works fine in Reaper, and passes all auval tests.

But doesn’t show in Renoise. The renoise log doesn’t show any information about it being rejected; it just doesn’t show up in the dropdown. The “type” is “aumu” (music generator; the same type as most other instrument AUs).

I have attached the plugin to this message, but of course ideally it would be great to understand:

  • what are the requirements Renoise imposes on AU plugins to load them as instrument plugins?
  • how do I know why a specific plugin was rejected?
  • what other tools are available to me to make this process more efficient / useful?


had the same problem once, somewhere in the forum here is thread about it. Does your plugin validate with auval?

U forgot the attachment :slight_smile:

Remember that after adding the au (while having Renoise opened), you need to restart Renoise. Otherwise the new plugin wont be found. It’s like this since OSX 10.8, I guess because of apple’s crappy coreaudiodaemon which seems to do the scanning.