Why is the icon on the "Waveform" section of Sampler purple?

Don’t know what other subforum this should be in but this seems weird. Of course on top we have tabs, and the currently active tab has the icon colored/highlighted. Inside sampler though there are these ‘sections’ if you will, but “Waveform” is always highlighted, no matter which one is active.

side note
(I think) it would be awesome to have the sections resizable, see the modulation ‘playhead’ move at the same time as you see the sampler playhead.

If you are seeing a instrument editor with the waveform icon highlighted, it means that your particular instrument does not contain any modulation sets or effects, and that the keyzone is a basic one (full pitch/velocity range). The highlights are simply meant to indicate that there’s ‘something’ underneath.

Try loading, switching to a different, more complex instrument and see the difference?