Why Is There No "Bypass" Amongst Destination Parameters Of Rou

i wonder why i did not notice this before: you cannot assign the destination of a routing to the “bypass” parameter of a DSP, is there any specific reason for this?

it may be very useful to swith effects on and off using for example a velocity device

mumble… am I the only one who would find this useful? :unsure:

nah… but maybe even more people would like general dry/wet for ALL fx…? at least that always got enthusiastic responses, so I’ll use this opportunity to sneak it in once again ^_^

I’d like control over the bypass, but a wet/dry on all DSPs would also be nice :) … unfortunately, you can’t quite add wet/dry to VSTs

… or could you? O.o


Instead of feeding the audio into a VST and just using what comes out of it, you use some of what you had before and some of that which comes out of the VST, depending on dry/wet… ? Just think of it as splitting the track into two tracks, and the VST is one of them, and there is a gainer on both… it might cost more memory/CPU, but what would seem so fundamentally difficult about it? Am I missing something?

Nothing at all fundamentally difficult about it… but I’m not sure how Taktik has things coded :P

Why not?, it is simply rerouting part of the audio-stream around the VST effect and partially through the VST effect up until you are not routing any sound through it.

definitely… bypass is only a binary version of dry/wet. My question is a bait: I will ask for dry/wet once bypass will be added

In that case it gets a +1 from me… but otherwise I would heavily oppose it, with song and dance if need be.

I’d like this too + a general bypass for individual parameters that are already automated ,instead of byppasing the whole dsp effect

+1 for bypassing and wet/dry