Why isn't there any macro and fx chain for plugin instruments?


I find the macros, and effect chain very nice but they only exists for renoise instruments which are based on samples.

Why not for plugins instruments? Did I miss something?

Thank you!

PS: I know I can route the output of a plugin to an effect track, but that is not what I want as it bloats the project’s tracks.

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+1 - my projects which use vsts have all blown up track effects sections, which I’d like to keep reserved for automation control and mixing business. The more parallel processing you use, the uglier it will get with send tracks.

This also affects layering. You can layer your samples in an instrument, but no vsts.

One idea I had here in forum was…making vst plugins behave like samples in the keyzones and inst.fx, so you could not only process but also easy layer your plugins.

There isn’t this stuff because the Renoise devs haven’t implemented them :slight_smile:

I suspect this will come in a future Renoise update. They already have plugin multi-out, and effects chains, and parallel processing via effects chains. So I’m betting we’ll see:

  • effects chains on plugins
  • parallel processing effects (like effects racks in ableton)

But that’s just a guess based on currently available functionality.

That would be great!

This would be a really cool feature to have. There’s a workaround for enabling plugin instrument macros, but having native macros and effects for plugins would greatly improve certain workflows, i.e. live usage with plugin-based instruments.

If we had multiple fx chains with flexible external routing (and ideally modulation input/output) in doofers, this would open up so many possibilities for creative fx routing natively. It’s my number one wish for renoise, and would effectively be an instrument fx chain section with macros placed wherever you’d like. Would be a huge power up for renoise

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Could using a doofer with a Plugin automation device inside it achieve what you want? Just collapse the doofer contents and then use the Macro controls of the doofer as needed?

yeah, that works. however, it would be nice to have plugin effect chains as well - with the current state of plugin instruments you can’t even EQ an instrument without creating a separate track for routing its output.