Why Must I Useing Renoise?


I dropped here by accident. And I’m Reason user.

Can Renoise recording a guitar or vocal track?

Or it useing rewire through cubase?

Running this under Windows xp64bist?


Best Regards ;) :yeah: :walkman:

It can record but doesn’t have proper audio tracks so not what it’s best for.

Yes you can ReWire to any ReWire capable programs.

No 64bit version is available as yet.

No good englitch here. :smiley:

Regarding 64bit, i run it on Vista 64 without any hickups.

there is no “must” really; you should use Renoise if you feel comfortable with the interface and the idea behind such kind of applications (called “trackers”). Download the demo version (it is almost full featured) and give it a spin


But I tried.

Don’t listen to him! He just doesn’t want you to use Renoise SO HE CAN HAS MOAR FOR HIMSELF!!!

sounds like you should check out the demo version… here: http://www.renoise.com/download/renoise/

should work great with reason or cubase!! enjoy :)

You did good! Don’t listen to that stupid guy. :guitar: