Why no FREEZE track in Renoise?!

Is there a way how to do this in Renoise 3.xxx or a some Tool maybe?!!


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It’s already there. Make a selection, right click for context menu, ‘Render to Sample.’

One of the best and most useful features in the whole program.


Does this also can work in 3.2?!

The RenderSAMPLE is supercool Featur in Renoise 100%

Aber:: I was more thinkin of Feature like FREEZE works in ABLETON wich ich much more sufficent.

Maybe Renoise 3.4 for this @taktik??!

Right now I could use a proper Freeze-track feature as my 6 cores CPU isn’t quite enough, but does it make sense to spend time on a feature that will soon be obsolete as CPUs are getting ridiculous fast with many cores and faster speeds to the point where we don’t need to freeze tracks anymore?

If I had 8 CPU cores I would probably not need freeze-track and I am usually using 40-50 tracks… so actually I can’t wait to upgrade my CPU so that I can I have the mastering chain on too.

Try it out!

Works here in 3.3 beta :slight_smile: .

Not sure if it once auto-updated correctly or I have manually changed the api nr in the manifest portion of the tool in the script editor. Again, try it out and see if it works after installing. The particular tool is found in the top left part of the Renoise gui in the "edit " tab.

There is also the samrender tool (https://www.renoise.com/tools/samrender), but I haven’t played with it too much to know if it also freezes tracks and gives options to automatically substitute and delete source tracks?

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Not sure their will alwayz also be people running old maschines still And even woth the fatest cores andso there will still be plugiezz with 32 ,64 Oversampling so Things will pretty much stay like this. A proper FREEZE funktion like in most other DAW will still make a good idea also in Future I think!!?

Dank brudie!! I will TRY!!! :relieved:

The SamRENDER is a good one but also like more a advanced “RenderSAMPLE” it is a very good Tool. But also not a FREEZE - funktion!!

The other FreeTOOL got working in Renoise 3.2 an Autoupdated somehow BUT that is also not really the Thing like a Freeze Button would do like say in Ableton. Just Freeze on and unfreeze to save some Cpu and not again just rendering a new Track and undoing that?!! It also did crash 1or 2 Pluginzz somehow maybe because it is a older Tool also. A proper Freeze Funktion in Renoise us still prefered!!

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