Why no midi output?

It seems Redux cannot output MIDI. Why, I wonder? Keymapped MIDI phrases would be a killer feature.

Added: and no autoscroll for patterns.

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Yes, I’ve been missing those two exact features. I would love to be able to sequence drum loop in Redux tracker interface and then record the notes into Logic, to continue working on it directly from the DAW. Kind of like I’ve been able to do with Matrix or Redrum’s sequencer in Reason, back in the days :slight_smile:

is it still gonna be a thing

Aww man. I came here to ask about this feature. As a matter of fact, I bought Redux for this feature. Feeling boned…

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Yeah, it’s a peculiar omission. I remember participating in some conversation on this, years ago already. As it stands, Redux with its phrase workflow would be the best “pattern MIDI arp” VST in the world (in my opinion, of course). Alas, without MIDI… it isn’t.

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