Why On Send Tracks Where Is No Pdc Ajustments

so is it so complicated?

PDC also works with sends. Could you give us an example where it doesn’t work for you?

in mixer s0 s1 s2 … do not have pdc delay optin in mls
renoise 2,0,0

the delay you are talking about is not a PDC setting: it’s simply a configurable delay you may want to set for whatever reason (for example, to compensate a MIDI latency).

thus, send tracks have no adjustable delya because their delay value depends on the delay of the tracks to which they receive the signal.

PDC delay compensation, instead, happens automatically without the need to set the delays manually.

so these delays are not the same to plugin delay compensation?
PDC as i think is the same but hidden delay, or what?

so question reverts to why send tracks cant have delays.
with some kind model this could be achieved (hidden precalculation of track delays acording to send tracks). If i will have 20 tracks routed to sendtrack and ia want to delay send trak i mus to delay all 20 tracks…

We left that out because we didn’t see any real usage for this (beside the fact that this would also complicate the thing technically a bit).

Why do you need to shift back & forth a send?

why?becouse of plugin latencies on sendtrack but in non automatic mode, like for track delay
or i dont get
why these delays are useed for in first place?
Are they primaly used for some kind to “hide” internal plugin buferization maded latencies on track?

May be i am very very wrong

those delays are there for a non-specific usage.
regard them as a bonus and not as an essential feature required to write tightly synced music with whatever hardware / vst plugin you’re using.
PDC is supposed to compensate whatever kind of delay is introduced by your plugin. if you still experience latency with a certain plug, it’s most probably going to be the plugin not reporting its latency to the host correctly.

i sometimes use the ms track delays if deliberately intend to delay a percussive track (for example) to create some kind of human “imperfect” feeling to a groove. for this kind of operation, they’re pretty neat sometimes, since you don’t have struggle with any laborious pattern commands.

the latencies need to compensate your specific plugin scenario are all adressed in the background, totally not depending on the delay values which can be manually set per track.

i don’t really get what you mean.
what latencies on sendtrack? what are they caused by?

efx plugins on sendtrack , wich add latency to audio signal

do you mind revealing the plugin names?

you want me to say names of vst efekt , wich adds delay to audio signal (has latency)?
so clear fings i try to ask , but with no luck, maybe my english very low… :D

before this ends in total comedy, i’ll try to keep myself as clear as possible:

Yes, that’s exactly it.

What is your actual question again?

as perfect as it is, it must be something completely different. :D

names of vst?
lots of them have very small latency,
big latency has for example
waves multi band comprresor, allmoust all (mid to high quality) pitch shifters , and so on… i cant get it to mind right now so fast

which leads to the question why you simply won’t turn on the automatic plugin delay compensation (the PDC-Button in the upper right corner of the GUI, or alternatively, you might want to check the preferences).
i don’t have a single waves (or any other vendor’s) plugin that causes problems with PDC enabled. everything is in perfect sync, no matter if the plugin(s) sit(s) on a normal track or send.

never mind.

I think each plugin should have the ability that a manual delay could be set for the plugin, this prevents not being able to manually correct latency with plugins that are reporting a false latency value and it keeps the technical complexity to a minimum level and to the point as well.