Why To Implement Hitpoint Recognization.

This would allow for:

-playing loops alongside the song - to check if the sounds fit, whilst playing.
-Mothering instrument, that would be actually collapsed individual hits / samples, with an overall parameter setup control that could be applied to all the clips - like in an instrument, that had many samples inside it - only this would have many instruments inside it, and the finetune, would apply to all clips.
-(which would) allow, fast finetuning of loops (like in any slicer software - this is quite essential for making beats these days)
-(ADS)Release settings for multiple instruments

-The instruments would need to be “mirrored” clips from the “main sample” they were taken from, to allow for individual loop points etc (actually to allow the changing of start and end points according to the prefered snap setting, by the user - without it affecting the settings on another clip.

anyone else in favor of this, or am I the only one who would think the whole Drum&Bass scene (and breaks scene, and perhaps so many others musically also) would benefit and be revolutionized because of this?


Umm… What is Hitpoint Recongization? (and don’t you mean recognition? )

Hitpoint recognization, is a way to read pre-sliced fileformats, such as rex - for example (that already have all the hits in the loop, mapped to different segments of the sample - one clip / slice after another.)