Wich Default Theme For 1.27

click on the numbers below for the screenshots :

I`ve tried to choose readable, not hurting themes only. Please dont ask why yours is not included, as I had to make a preselection.
Also, dont forget that we have summer now. The dark themes might not be very usefull in the daylight.

If I only have these themes to chose from, I’ll keep my old dark.xml… sorry ;)

:( :( :( :( :(

Now I hate the light. <_< . But I’m sure my thing is not hurting the eyes, right right taktik?? :)

if any, then number 4 … the others are waay to bright. or do you all have 8 year old monitors or you brightness/contrast turned down to 0% ? they really hurt my eyes.

yes, its not easy to make a bright theme. But this will be the last colorset we have to vote for. 1.3 will definitly have skins support.

I actually like the brighter ones! I think they are well done – all of them but Paper and some other high-contrast one.

the screenshot links are broken??

Links don’t work!!

Renoise 1.27?? :blink: Do I live in the future or am I missing something??

Back to the future, yeah… anyway i hope skin support, with brightness and saturatin as zed opted for will be the only option, that should be plenty gui options :)