wich lua editor for mac

can you give me advice for an editor with work with lua on mac i’m on osx lion thank’s

Sublime Text 2 should do the job. Here’s a set of Lua tools for it: https://github.com/rorydriscoll/LuaSublime

I’m using macvim. But it’s probably not the best choice when starting with scripting… Before I went Vim, I was also on windows, and when I was starting programming I remember using jEdit among other editors. Seemed nice enough, and has Lua support according to the site. The pluses I see in jEDit: 1)free! 2)cross-platform 3)established&mature. Probably some minuses too, as with everything.

ok thank’s i will try this :D


I’d recommend
text wrangler

and if you like it and you’re not cheap, upgrade it for $50 to BBEdit. BBedit features auto-complete… a must-have in my book.

Lua wiki page lists several editors; one of the listed is ZeroBrane Studio Lua editor/IDE that I’ve been developing. You may want to give it a try.

While we are on the topic of Lua tools; Is there an up-to-date list of renoise API calls? Should I be using this resource: http://code.google.com/p/xrnx/source/browse/trunk#trunk/Documentation ?


I use Jedit. It’s my goto editor.

I also use IDEA (PHPStorm in particular) based IDE’s and there’s a Lua plugin. I don’t actually use the IDE for Renoise scripting but I do use this editor for my day job at least 7 hours a day and can recommend it for “real work.”

Depends on the size of your Lua projects, I guess.


That’s the most up to date, yes.

The zip files on that page are just as good though (and come with HTML formatted docs, if you are into that sort of thing).