Wich Way To Install New Versions Of Renoise ?

Each time I download a new version, I can’t recall if I can install it over the previous installation, or if I should uninstall, then install the new version, and if my settings (and files, under Renoise root or sub-folder) will be kept… So it would be nice to have a little explanation and warning text along with the setup file. (And also in this thread, cause I’m waiting for it to install the beta 3 :) )
Thank you.

If only that could have been the case with 1.8…

:D :P

Anyway, as you can see from my lovely screenshot, it’s been perfectly ok (in my experience) to just install new betas on top of the old ones. I’ll clean up this Add/Remove Programs mess one day when I can be bothered, heh.

like this maybe?

haha. awesome :)

I guess you know that you pretty easy can remove entries from that list? ;)
Else click here to find a very detailed description how ;)

The short version (for pros :)): Goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and find the key that belongs to the uninstall-entry. remove it ;)

Thanks Bantai

Too busy playing with Renoise to care about it though. :D

i have 1.8 installed. so i can just install 1.9 over 1.8? Then, i can uninstall 1.8…and with each subsequent update, i’ll install over the last version?


1.9 will, by default, install to a separete folder. I’d suggest you leave it so (and 1.8 installed), since 1.9 is still beta.

As Bantai said, usually new 1.9 versions can just be installed over the old 1.9 ones.
But even if you uninstall older 1.9 first, the settings will remain. I prefer to uninstall them first.

great. thanks ermi :)

Hi, I just downloaded the demo version to check it out as i’ve heard its a good application.

My problem is that when i try to open it it seems to crash on my waves plugins (“waveshell VST 4.3_x” is what it actually stops at).

The next time i try to open it it says “the plugin will no longer be instantiated, untill you delete the failed plugs cache file”. I’ve done that but the application still wont load past that plugin.

Anyone have a similar problem or know how to get past it? Also, have i posted this question the appropriate place or should i start a different post?


Please try to simply NOT delete the failed plugs cache file. This way Renoise wont try to open it again and thus can not crash the next time it starts.

So do not trash the file and simply try to restart Renoise again and again…

You only delete the failed plugs cache file if you want to force that a previously failed VST plug gets scanned again.


I’ll try that.

Renoise is BUFF, so just delete 1.8!


Thats what I did. I trust man like Taktik.