Width command wxx

The width command sounds awesome when it is set to WFF and layering stuff over a mono signal.The problem is, in a mono mix the wide signal disappears.I have my own set of tools for widening signals out a lot so that they wont disappear in mono,however it only sounds half as good,more noticeably on percussion type elements.With the WFF command they don’t lose power and they also snap very nicely.To me id rather use the very wide WFF instead of stereo expanders and the like.I dont want to use a WXX command lower than FF either as then the elements tilt slightly to one side in what i consider to be a very ugly way.My question is,is it really thaaaaatttt important to mix for mono?I have heard that some clubs systems are actually in mono which strikes me as a bit bizarre.Is the problem really just mobile phones??


Yes, some club systems are definitely mono. A lot are stereo, too. So it’s a roll of the dice if you’re not checking for a solid mono mix and you plan to play out :game_die:

Is the width command any different from the stereo expander’s surround slider? Anyone know?

Good question,i have no idea what the surround slider is about.

It operates through phase inversion of one channel, I think, and may be identical to the mixer channel width slider, which is maybe what wxx controls?

I didn’t even know there was a wxx command until this post, lol

Renoise continues to surprise with its depth, or in this case, its width :upside_down_face:


Oh zing :sunglasses: :fist_right:

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Its great for pads and everything else,i just don’t like the slight tilt it gives drums,my brain just says that doesn’t sound right.WFF and it sounds great but like i said then it gets lost completely in mono.

Yeah, it would pretty much disappear in mono if it’s the same as the surround processing in the stereo expander. Hm, I don’t ever think to widen my drums… Probably because I’ve got so much other stereo fuckery going on in most songs. I wonder if the expander slider or haas effect would give a comparable result with a better mono image?

Again, a perfect mono mix probably doesn’t matter too much, unless you want to play out. But if so, it’s pretty important, imo. Phase cancellation is real, and sucks, and can completely change your mix. You might be the only person to notice the difference, though!