Wii Controller!



Yeah, the WII controller communicates using Bluetooth, so any laptop that has Bluetooth support can use a WII controller for a MIDI controller

Thats awesome!
I just thought of throwing my wii away, but now its a whole different kinda situation in hurr ;D

Wiinoise sounds kinda catchy.

It’s cool and all to show off to friends and such, but I don’t see it that practical for use in renoise really.

Unless… you used renoise to play every part of the track except the percussion. Like this guy did (not in renoise though)


But then again, I don’t know how you’d reverse, retrigger, and offset the drum samples. :(

So in other words, still not useful.

I did this last christmas with different motion axes controlling filter cutoff etc. It was fun, i’ll see if I can find the video.

SOS had a full length feature about this few months ago. Looks like fun!

The source-code of that program is freely available here:

It is Visual Basic, so it should not be too hard to make it broadcast MIDI messages instead of triggering wav-files.
It is very easy to define velocity levels to each Remote position and trigger a different sample in for instance a sampler VST that has velocity layer programming possibilities. (Like Independance Free)

But will it also send renoise specific commands? (ex. “0B00” “09xx” “FBxx”)

No, for that Renoise should allow to link MIDI CC commands to such commands but this is unfortunately not yet implemented.

Whoa, what timing. Er…almost, anyway. I’m a few months behind. But I recently started playing with Wii remote + Max/MSP. Here’s one rough program demo I made:

Wiimote as a peak meter
(and you can hear one of my favorite songs)

If you have a wii-mote and a macbook, try: osculator for midi control. Very clever software that :D.