Wikipedia - How Many Others Here Utilize Them?

My c64 Messiah music project is now available on wikipedia and I was curious if others here are taking advantage of this resource?

c64 Messiah wikipedia entry

I have yet to do this, but you’re right, this is a great resource. I really have no excuse :)

I personally would not do such a thing that quickly on Wikipedia.
They have a habit to remove irrelevant information and by irrelevant i mean the information is not widely known enough to serve a decent sized audience or they expect your page to end up as a false positive on search hits.
For me, Myspace, or Hyves is good enough.

Minutes after I first created my page they flagged it because they said I needed some external citation to prove their notability requirements.

I added some links from third parties praising me and I also listed an album that three of my songs are commercially available on.

They have not said anything since. It’s really odd. I looked up other bitpop artists who barely have ANY information and absolutely no citations on their page and they are not getting flagged…

Google search c64 Messiah. I have links all over the place and am pretty rooted on the web.

If it was not for the article someone wrote about me I am not sure they would keep my information up.

Crossing my fingers. Hopefully they will not flag it yet again.

I doubt your project qualifies to the WP notability guidelines. The style of writing is not really quality of wikipedia aswell. But I won’t flag it for now.

I am quite sure it will get flagged and deleted by someone else in near future though. :(

EDIT: Did some research and I think your project might qualify notability. Still the article style needs some work. You do have to keep your eye on the article. If it passes first AFD then you are mostly safe. You just have to make sure the article is of good quality or they can do quicker delete processes then AFD.

In other news: Wikipedia is not very nice place for promotion. On other hand, it’s nice place for wrecking your nerves completely. :)

yeah wikipedia is so tough that they deleted the milkytracker entry…on/MilkyTracker

Here is a AFD for MilkyTracker. Apparently it gave 2 google results at that time. (Currently about 50,000). Lately the article was recreated and also redeleted with quick dele scenario “recreation of previously deleted material”. The last one is dull thing sometimes. The ones doing deletions don’t really know anything about the topic they just see some flag pop-up in their software and hit delete.

If anyone writes a decent article on milkytracker to wikipedia, with secondary sources and posts it up to wikipedia. It will now remain for sure.

Article containing “MilkyTracker is a neat tracker softy that runz on mah mobilez, c000l!” Is not going to last longer than 10 seconds.

Trepain, I love you man, but this is just not right.

You’re not supposed to add yourself to wikipedia to my understanding. A fan has to do it!

And this sentence just made me laugh
“While his peers were cutting their teeth on their nintendo and atari game consoles, Roberto Aloi was fortunate enough to have received a commodore 64 for christmas at the age of 9”

I’d say the same. There are more famous people than you (no offense) available and their Wikipedia article usually is not existing or simply too short.

i want someone to give breakcore a decent write up on wikipedia the entry at the moment is totally out of date and entirely lame.

what if we all actually did this?
put up some music on put up all Our* links, and linked to each others wikipage?
then here in this thread, we pasted what we wrote about ourselves, and when the troll that lives under the bridge wakes up, deletes the entry, we just wait till the troll goes back to sleep and another one of us posts the other one of us’s page. XD

teamwork! XD

Or, we could just write non-sucky music that people actually like… and then gain a reputation the correct way. :)

I wonder if there is a top secret “ghost writer” service that sells a package that guarantees your entry on wikipedia. Not that that would be right as it would make wikipedia contain more bulsh!t than it already does…but it would be neat to know that for a little bit of cash, I’ll have a wiki article complete with authentic looking article references, google results, and whatever it takes…I’d want my wiki article to say i took minimalism to a whole new level.

Wikibation, that’s what this is … <_<

or make a page for the renoise board - that way we get all the google hits for renoise too! and everyone can spam away to their hearts content

Nothing like a bit of shameless self promotion.

This is the right way.

And be aware that the links on a wikipedia page are stated as “no-follow”, so the google bot won’t take them into account for ranking of the websites pointed at.

i was going to wait until someone makes a wikipedia entry about me. that would somehow indicate success :D

esaruoho: I don’t want to diss trepain with this, but you have been around since the 90’s and had a major impact on alot of people in the past, including other professional artists, so you definately deserve a wiki-page.

And yes, I think you should wait until someone else creates a wiki-page for you, just making your own is not the way to do. Once someone made it you can still edit it to make it correct, but to create it in the first place… No.