Will Be In The Vicinity Of Koln,de In A Few Weeks

What’s some good stuff to see, and good places to hang out at night?
Good music is a plus.

wait until 10-12th of august and get your ass to evoke at the vulkanhalle.
elsewhat, clubs i can recommend are:
gewölbe im westbahnhof
(usually playin breaks, electro, minimal @main)

(usually raw techno, minimal)

if you want to have real blast wait for the last friday of the respective month and go to the butan in wuppertal, it’s kinda close to cologne and every last friday of the months it’s “tielmann beats” time there.
adam beyer, cari lekebush, kevin saunderson, carl craig, rob acid (robert babicz), chris liebing, etc. have all already played there at that occasion.
my favourite.

Music Store Koln, the biggest musician store in Germany. That guy from Dune works there at the monitor department :P.

If you are going with your girlfriend, visit Phantasialand in Brühl ;)

Haha thanks for the suggestions mates. :) It’s for work so I don’t have much control over when I go. It’s looking like I’ll be there around July 1st and for 1- 3 weeks.

Anything cool going on during that period?

What’s the best night to go to gewölbe?