Will it also come out as a Reason Rack Extension (RE) ?


I use Renoise AND Reason.

Can u please port the Redux Plugin to Reason RE Format ?

it will be Great to use Instruments made in Renoise in Reason !

If the Reason RE SDK not allows to make such a GUI possible, what about a 2 Part solution ?

i Think it should not be a Propblem to release a Standalone ReduxPatcher (Allready done - The same as the VST without a Host) and a 2nd Part as a Player for Renoise Instruments in RE Format !

The GUI Have then only to support The Makros and the ARP Switch (Both is not a Prblem). All non-Renoise users can then use the ReduxPatcher (Freeware, not able to be used as VST/AU) to create Instruments and then use them inside Reason by a ReduxPlayer (Rompler), maybe with nice Audio / CV in and Out´s.

I belive this will be a Wet-Dream for all Reason fans !

If u do so, i have just one more idea !

A Redux Version for the iPad / Android will also be Great to make new Instruments on-the-Go !!!

I dont think this will be easily possible. The RE format is restrictive and redux is pretty complex. The whole gui needs to be fit inside the reason rack. As you mentioned, a xrni player with macro control could be possible. An android version of renoise would be awesome.