Will My Full Dream Come True?

Ableton 4 and midi support. That one half has already come true!!! :yeah:

Renoise 1.5 with rewire support; will this second part come true?

That would be the ULTIMATE COMBO!

Please guys, please. Rewire support!! :yeah:

OMG, andother one…

Yeah another one, pretty much speaks for itself doesn’t it ;)

The company and the users would just win with this implementation, and it would pretty much kill the competitors.

I’m learning to love this soft, and getting to realize how I haven’t tried it before. But uniting both worlds (trackers and sequencers) would just be perfect. And I repeat Ableton 4 and Renoise 1.5 (if it has Rewire support) will be a killer! I can’t wait.

[i]PS: But just a little something here. I’m a new user, still trying the software and 99% inclined to be a buyer. But there are some users/moderators (I don’t wanna name names) here that are extremely rude for no reason whatsoever, and that’s really a turn off for the new comers.

There is nothing wrong with asking for a feature, even if it’s not implemented. And I’m asking for Rewire for the first (and last) time mind you, because I’m learning to love this software. I congratulate the programmers and I truly wanna see this software take off.

But, please, let’s try to be nicer.[/i]


I think a good UI/interface is part of the core functionality as well and should definately be prioritized. Besides, many of those things has been made already which can be seen in the sneak previews of v1.5. With a bad UI other features (like rewire) wouldn’t come to its right anyway.

And AVB… Most people here aren’t really rude even if you got that impression. The only thing we ask is to search for old posts before making a new feature request or bug report. It can be somewhat frustrating to read the same thing for the 20:th time just because people didn’t search before. Give everyone a second chance…

I really agree, the new UI makes Renoise much a better program :D

If everyone seams to want Rewire, than it could be a wise thing to implement in the future but I certainly do not want it in 1.5…

Renoise has to be a registered company for it to get Rewire, its not a registered company.

I´m no coder but to make the Rewire good would also probably take a couple of month?

I don´t wont Renoise 1.5 release to be delayed by that time, I would rather spend that time using Renoise 1.5 while waiting for Rewire, if there will be in 1.6…

There’s no chance we’re adding major features like rewire to 1.5 now.
The focus now is to get it ready for a release, which means only some
more minor features are being added to make the program “well rounded”.

Thanks martinal.

This is what a lot of people and me wanted to hear from the Renoise crew. Rewire won’t be implemented. :( It’s all good. We’ll be waiting for that day to come.

I can just now sit back, relax, get more familiar with Renoise and get on with my live.

Thanks again.

Then don’t hit that ‘Add Reply’ button.

AVB is right. “You should read the manual” and “you should search” are no excuses to be sarcastic bitches…I’ve seen it before on the Reason boards and it’s ugly and totally unnecessary there as well.

If you’re too frustrated to bother to type a reply on the same topic again, a “You can find information about this in the manual” or “A search might get you information on this topic” would be fine, without being rude.

Grrr. :lol:

(And for what it’s worth, I’m really looking forward to rewire too. Go devs! :) )

Seriously, just put a big sticky that says “No Rewire on Version 1.5”.

And people wouldn’t ask anymore.

I never did… Actually I agree with you. People should be greeted with a friendly tone here.

I paid for Reason. I paid for Renoise. I’d like to be able to use them together in a more tightly integrated way, with less seams. What doesn’t fit?

I’ve payed for ReNoise, Slayer, Kontakt, SampleTank, Trilogy and some sample CD’s you could easily find on perr-to-peer network for free.

So what?

The fact that ReNoise is inexpensive and I am a registered user does not mean that I only buy inexpensive software.

I would have bought ReNoise even if it would have costed more.

But it doesn’t, so I’m twice happy :)

anyway, to get something done here, I propose, we open another group in here or a sticky post called “FAQ”, which does answer questions that come up twice a week or something. And we need to put it in a place where everyone stumbles upon it as soon as he comes to forum.

I mean stuff like

When is 1.5 coming out
what is in 1.5
multi-timbral VSTi’s
I want to use different programs from the same VSTi
what about rewire
what about dx-plugs
why cant I record in renoise

and stuff like that.

we should really get this done soon.

Most of those questions are answered in the sticky FAQ thread already… except for rewire. Maybe that thread should be easier to find…

i want midi export and import…both!!!
i neeeeeeeeeeeed this one feature :drummer:

… and i want a nice girl this night! :D B)

Madtracker has rewire implemented.

And I own my copy of Reason.

So there u have it.

There you go! This is what I’m talking about. And everyone wins: the older, newer and future users

Tell me that this is a joke… Please!!