Will Renoise Run On My G5 Power Mac (Which Runs Kubuntu?)

I got a nice G5 power mac from work with a nice big HD cinema screen on it. I’m intending to put Leopard or Kubuntu(probably) on it, but if I put Kubuntu on it, will Renoise run ok?


probably not, because it’s architecture is powerpc and renoise runs on intel

but you can try out with the demo version :)

Er, not wishing to be contradictory but 2.5 runs perfectly on my G4 powerbook using OSX 10.4.11, so it should work like an absolute beast on a G5 running leopard. The mac version is universal binary as far as I am aware so should work on either PPC or Intel macs. Can’t speak for the 2.6 beta version though.

kubuntu no, leopard probably.

The last ppc version of Renoise is i believe 1.5.1 or near that version (1.5.2 perhaps). You need that version if you want to run PPC plugs.
Whatever can run OSX 10.4.0 can also run the latest Renoise version (This also includes PPC hardware). However Renoise is a UB and won’t run PPC plugins.


I don’t think installing Linux on a Mac is a good idea, but i also don’t think it would provide too much trouble. You have no guarantee if the Linux version of Renoise will run on it. About the 64-bit edition i don’t want to even guess.

yes, but he was talking about *buntu


Renoise WILL NOT run under PPC/Linux. Linux version of Renoise runs only on x86 architecture.

Renoise WILL run on Leopard though.