Will The U.S. Last If It Keeps Up Its Patterns?

Do you believe the U.S. government can continue down the path it has been taking under the current administration without eventually falling like a corrupt empire or completely losing its superpower status?

lowring the taxes is surely a good idea.

About imperialism and stuff… I don’t know.

bush is an idiot, but there wont be happening anything in the us. I think its similar in germany at the moment, whenever I hear anything about things/suggestions our politicians made I could either puke or simply become unconscihfds… drop down. but nothing is going to change here until the next votes… and actually I am even afraid what will happen then. its like it is … once those guys get voted to the top, they get away with pretty much anything, just look at blair or berlusconi …

Lowering the taxes is not a good idea.
They already did that. And it looked very nice, but the US government “bought” their beautifull economy with such measures:
Yes, the local civilisation will have breathing-space to come around, but the economy will go down pretty fast eventually because of the inflation that will raise dramatically.

The Iraq invasion was a measure to level up the economy-rates for the states, but didn’t work out too well.
It’s either stay or burst now and currently they went so far, the point of no-return has been passed months ago.

Lowering the taxes is a good idea, because it improves the industry growth, low taxes work like a magnet for companies, decreases the cost of having your enterprise in the country.

I heard Estonia decreased the CIT down to… 0%. Thanks to this companies will be happy to go there.

Never played Sim City? ;)

though I voted “I hope not”, I believe that the place of world leadership will be taken up by China, which is not necessarily better than US

Yes i have and i have played Sim Hospital, but frankly, i would not have very high hopes on a president that runs a country on knowledge he gained with a videogame like Sim City and i would certainly not let myself being operated by a surgeon who knows Sim Hospital from the back of his head and is being hired because of that.
So i would definately not give you a post that allows you to lower taxes, just because this works in Sim City very pleasantly.

Also economics work in multiple ways, companies extend their enterprise by placing buildings and supplying labor for the locals in various countries just because they can produce cheaper in that country (because the wages are lower and the materials can be gotten cheaper when it would save overseas transport etc.).
If a company however can move a complete department somewhere else in the world because it can be done even cheaper there, they won’t hestitate to do so, no matter even if the local government would give them tax-interest for the money they would make in that country.

Go to the worst parts of Western Europe, Go to the worst parts of Canada, then go to the worst parts of the USA.

“Good economy” means nothing when the poorest sectors of your nation are war zones and ghettos concentrated of people from ostracized classes. This, in turns, forces causes huge police build-up in order to protect the “safe” zones. Combine this with a ridiculously profitable military industry and outdated policies on issues such as drugs which causes more strife in the lower classes, and you have the USA.

It is not a homogenous nation. They have some of the smartest and richest people in the world, but at the same time have some of the dumbest rednecks in the world, and some of the most disenfranchised people in the world. A lot of them.

The USA is a good place to visit, but I would not want to live there no matter how low their taxes are.

See history. Every big powerful empire has fallen eventually. It may take more than Master of the Apes Mr. Bush to do that though. :lol:

Empire or civilisation?

To name a few:

Inca empire
Egyptian Empire
Roman Empire

They all had slavery and conquering nations in common.

One of the oldest civilsations that lasted (and still exists):Asian (India)
But Alas:America is no empire.
It’s just a clutch of clever people and fools.

Under the current patterns, I think the U.S. has about 5-8 more years left. Unless there’s EXTREME campaign finance reform, measures that make it easy for small busineses (instead of supporting job outsourcing and merger after merger), measures that reduce inflation, measures that actually separate church and state, and unless they stop promoting imperialism, the U.S. is doomed. Since the only things the U.S. actually makes anymore is dumbed-down entertainment, chemicals, food, and airplanes, the only thing the majority of citizens, if not born rich, are left to do is sales and marketing–which makes the majority of people have the mindset of used car and snake-oil salespeople, as we head towards a “Demolition Man” reality of making everything illegal based on insurance rates and being politically correct. (Businesses can already hire/fire people based on whether they smoke cigarettes or are obese, all because of insurance costs.)

The downfall of the snake-oil salesman carrying a rifle and a bible is coming, and I think it will be in 5-8 years.

I like living here for the most part, but it’d be nice to live somewhere that 52% of the country’s population aren’t neo-conservative Christian anti-gay rednecks. It almost seemed the U.S. was actually changing until the Bush re-election gave a lot of silent rednecks a voice.

Am I negative about the United States? You bet! I’ve watched this country in the short 31 years I’ve been alive turn from hopeful freedom and genuine pride into imperialistic corporate theocracy and cheap U.S. flag stickers made in China.

i’m from estonia… :) but what is CIT? some tax? what tax? I haven’t heard that some tax has been decreased to 0% here :)

But for the USA… I don’t like it’s strategy… those stupid wars… oil profit etc etc… And i aslo don’t like my government “ass licking” politics… Like USA will give a damn about our country…

CIT is a tax that companies pay.

I don’t know if it was true, I’m only repeating after my teacher :).

well, maybe… but i don’t know… i’m not well informed in that area… :)

Well, within the upcoming 25 years, there will be no oil left since they are running short. (That’s why the prices keep raising like nutts).
And this is because the new oil-wells found today are very low in value and very expensive to exploit.

I guess that the first vehicles that have to run on alternative fuels are those in the consumer market (that may gain another extra five or ten years of consumption).

I can imagine the situations that will raise when the oil is out:

  • Driving in a cell-based cars…
  • Floating on steam-based oceanliners (yeps, going back to steampower) or if they wanna take some more risk:use nuclear powered engines.
    -We will loose the four hour flight trip to New-York
    -There will be no space programs anymore
    -Satellites get worn out and burn away before they trash into our atmosphere
    -Our GPS systems will then be molt down to radio broadcasted positioning systems.
    -The dream of ever landing on mars will remain a fantasy, it’s not the States that will deliver the first man on mars.

Anyone else got some ideas?

I hear you totally kizzume.
I’m the one who voted “Yes, unfortunately”… I think the whole will last for a little longer than 8 years. In this case I think you’re understimating the power of media and their influence… or maybe it’s me being too pessimistic here.
Nothing happens for real unless it’s on TV.
With the proper morphing of the very perception of the geo-social tissue and the weapon of fear you can slowly turn life on the planet into a sci-fi movie. Look at what happens here with Berlusconi.
If it is not shown in TV, it does not exist.

i heard that the world would be on alternate energy source already… but we are not, since some “authoritative/powerful” people would loose a lot of money…

and i totally agree!!

The value of the dollar will slide exponentially

The cost of food and essentials will skyrocket

Insurance companies will have a complete stronghold on people’s personal lives

Temporary work with no benefits will become the new standard as to avoid insurance costs and having to give excuses for firing someone

The gap between rich and poor will become too large to measure without inventing a new word that sounds nice

Bush will attempt to attack Iran–attempt

Microsoft will try to bite more than they can chew legally and will struggle for a couple years but will be back full force

The FDA will lose its credibility as the rest of the world starts putting a whole slough of drugs on the cutting block, and the U.S. will try to defend them to the end

Several more reporters will come out as to accepting money from the Bush administration to push certain opinions onto the public

I can assure you, everything will be ok :) No global disaster at all…

I don’t think this will happen, America hardly imports that, they can create their junk just fine, only the price will raise because of the transport costs and the amount of consumption will decrease because the food is longer moving from one area to another.

Also lots of products will have to be produced locally again because those can’t be transported anymore before it rots away and this creates job-opportunities on the other hand.
So no real disaster on this case.