Will There Ever Be An Official Renoise Myspace Page?

we should start a Renoise Diablo 2 clan … just 'cause D2LOD is the shit and I haven’t played in ages

what is this? http://www.myspace.com/488866285

The facebook one just tells you to get on IRC, though, and the people in IRC are a bunch of jerks.

No, not all of them. :)

Renoise, in myspace, has been already taken by someone in Finland, but in my opinion SECOND LIFE is a great alternative.
But we need someone who’s able to create an area there…

How about Renoise OS? When you start your 'puter up you get straight to, and only to, Renoise. :dribble:

I heard about a Renoise DAW… can somebody confirm this? Link?

you can already do this by creating a custom Linux distro. good luck :)