Will There Ever Be An Official Renoise Myspace Page?

I think it would be kinda cool huh?, unite all renoise musicians and lovers of renoise! :drummer:

myspace needs to just die already :D


Fantastic idea. Myspace, like it or not, is a huge database of possible new renoise users. renoise.com and anything to do with renoise will greating benefit by a larger community of users brought in from a networking site such as myspace. Users that buy renoise help development for everyone.

Cakewalk has a official myspace page for sonar @ http://www.myspace.com/cakewalksoftware

Dezacrator has a good point there. I setup a myspace account pretty much exclusively for the exposure.

… but now I have these cool backgrounds and! … j/k no I don’t but it has been very beneficial networking wise.

someone just make a profile, ffs. :) (I won’t, I have too much already).

Will there ever be a Renoise religion? with dedicated bible and evening prayers. Then we could all meet on lets say saturdays in a mass and just worshop Renoise! wouldnt it be great? <_<

pffft! yes. what a dumb question. :rolleyes:


Can’t help noticing that’s not myspace. If you can put your personal distaste for myspace aside, what Dezacrator said is completely correct.

so why doesn’t it exist yet? I need new friends to enrich my digital social life :P

for christs sake, some geek with some spare time on his hand just do one. shouldn’t be that hard. :P


yay !

wait …

you were kidding. and someone took the name. damn.

how about a facebook group?

One already exists. Come and join in!


What about the Renoise Second Life island?
Or the Renoise World of Warcraft Clan?
Or maybe, the Renoise Quake server?

Way ahead of ya ;)

Yeah, let’s kick ModPlugClan’s ass on some twisted Unreal server :yeah:

I am just a newbie here, but I think an “official” myspace is a great idea.

Why? As other’s have said - promotion, connections…all that. I have only 73 or so friends on myspace, but 60+ of them are independent musicians, and I appreciate that I can keep track of what they are up to (like new releases or live gigs) in one place (if they post bulletins!).

My Myspace ;)