Will uninstalling Renoise 'unregister' the program?

I just got a new Laptop, and am about to install Renoise on it.
The problem is I already installed a copy on my fathers Laptop, and will no
longer be using that one. I also bought a new desktop which will replace my old.
The question is; when I uninstall the copy on my fathers Laptop, will the uninstallation
be registered by the Renoise licensing agreement?

There usually is a Maximum amount of computers any one program can be installed to, this goes
for Renoise as well, doesn’t it?

No. Renoise doesn’t spy on users as far as I know.

No, it can be installed on as many computers as you want, as long as you own them. The registered download just embeds your name in the program.

Ok, thanks for the info, Rouwe! :)