Will v3.2.2 still work for me if v3.3.1 doesn't?

Hi there

I have Renoise v3.2.2 running on a Windows 7 PC. I want to try out v3.3.1 as I have a couple of VST3-only plugins. I also, however have a ton of doubled-up ones on my system, ie VST2 and VST3 versions of the same plugin, as when I purchased the plugins the installer prompted me to save both types.

I know when Renoise loads it scans for new plugins and obviously changes some internal setting so that it knows where to find these during future sessions. I see a few users have had problems with v3.3.1, with various VST3 plugins producing erratic behaviours and VST3s and VST2s clashing a bit. What I want to know is if I install and run v3.3.1, and find it doesn’t work so well for me, can I just go back to v3.2.2, or will the fact that I’ve run v3.3.1 mean Renoise v3.2.2 will now be confused as to where to locate plugins?

I can see older installations of Renoise on my machine, so I know it doesn’t delete them, but I just want to know if the older version is “unharmed” by any VST scanning that might take place in the new version.

And is there a release date for 3.3.2?

Thanks, everyone!

Create subdirectory “OLD” and copy all files fom main program directory and “Resources”.
Then install 3.3.1 and if you’ll find it bad, create subdirectory “NEW” and copy all files + “Resources” directory into it and then move “OLD” files and dir to your main program directory. I work that way waiting for 3.3.2.

You can just copy everything from “Renoise” directory if you want (I have my VST in subdirectory so I can keep everything together, so copying everything is a little more problematic).

The new Renoise version will not touch anything from your old version, it duplicates the settings from an existing version and then uses it’s own databases to store any configs. If you find the current version does not work for you, the old version will work just fine as before, but you will not be able to load any files created in the newer version into the old one, but that’s it pretty much.