Will Vst Instruments Work?

i just saw the post on ‘making chiptunes’ and saw the instrument plug ins. well… how do i load them?


yeah. ive read that and did everything… but… it still says “none” in the drop box, under VST instruments.


Did you tell Renoise where to look for your VST instruments?

(Config > Misc/VST > VST Directories)

i sure did. rescanned too.

Then I don’t really know what to suggest at this point, hehe.

If you’ve copied the VST instrument’s .dll files into your VST directory, and Renoise knows where that directory is, and you’ve rescanned the directory for new plugins… they should appear in the list of VST instruments.

Maybe you can give a few more details about the exact process you’re going through?

i made sure the .dll files were in the same directory as renoise.app. browsed to there, rescanned… ive even restarted renoise.

also… so if XM files can play. it uses MIDI right? so… couldnt i choose like the quicktime MIDI whatever, for the instruments? like the basic MIDI i hear. thats quicktime right?

What VST do you use?

As a test try some of these, they are free and work for everyone.


i dont have a VST?

At any rate, downloading VST effects won’t help you populate your VSTi list.

Here’s a good multi-purpose instrument:


extract it into the VST folder you set in Renoise, and rescan.

It might be that the vst instrument ended up in the VST effect list by mistake.
In this case the “isSynth” trigger inside the “CachedVSTs.XML” for that plug has to be set to “YES”.
This however rarely happens.

I don’t know if placing the vst inside the renoise app folder on your Mac is the right thing to do, but like Bantai said:if you set your folder to the root of your VST plugins, it should find it.


I didn’t catch this earlier but I just noticed the Mac comments by Bantai and vvoois, then I saw your other thread where you mention that your PC is in storage.

Then I thought… are you actually trying to use Windows VST plugins (.DLL files) on your Mac?


so is there a difference between windows and mac VST instruments.

ok… ive been playing with it all night. when i load a tutorial song, it plays it correctly. so i delete the patterns through advanced edit, so i can keep the instruments. so that works… and yeah im still getting used to composing this way. its very weird for me, since ive never programed anything. i never did when i used rebirth wayyy back in the day. i shoulda… but never did.

anyway… still no instruments in the VST drop box. although im guessing “samples” are the only thing i can USE. does this make sense? im not used to MAC midi set up. my PC had a creative LIVE DRIVE, so im totally used to the openness of tha card. i never thought the ibook was GOOD for making songs… i just want to, since i hate not making music.

does anyone understand? ugh… ive been so frustrated with this. all i want to know is how i can use regular software midi synth, to create music. i mean… i can play midi… so SOMETHING has to KNOW what it is to recognize it.

thanks guys… sorry im a noob at the MAC/tracker stuff… ive been a organ/sample/cool edit guy.

Yep, Windows and Mac VST plugins are slightly different. Usually the main code for a plugin is the same - the stuff that actually generates the sound or effect, but the code that interfaces the plugin itself with the operating system is different.

DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is the technology used by Windows.

so what do i do guys? i really thought i could even use the MIDI instruments from quicktime synth some how… nope. no idea. i know i can play samples, but there has to be a way to load the instruments.

again, i dont have a main VST… like i (guess) cubase, logic(?), pro tools(?), ect… i mean. i have nothin. and… totally cant afford to buy anything good. im looking for the most basic sound, whatever i can. id love to do NES sounding stuff… >_< why is this being a total pain? i like macs because of the ease of stress… but in this case its prolly not helping me. macs are great for PRO setups… but mine you, im on the ibook. heheheh. so theres nothin i can do.

I think you’re a little confused here. Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, etc., those are not VSTs, they are sequencers, or “hosts”. Renoise is a sequencer/host, too.

VST stands for “Virtual Studio Technology” and it is one of the most popular plugin formats available. There are 2 types of VST plugin - VST effects and VST synths/instruments (“VSTi”).

There are lots of VST plugins available for free, for both Windows and Mac. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get good instruments these days.

You should start with something simple such as the free instruments and effects by MDA.

VST Synths: http://mda.smartelectronix.com/synths.htm
VST Effects: http://mda.smartelectronix.com/effects.htm

KVR Audio is a great place to find other plugins:


god still no luck. i guess i need a soft synth? i cant seem to get any to work… i dont have classic either, so there has to be free OS X ones.

wow… whoda thought itd be this hard for me to even set up!?

Crystal vsti has a Mac edition of the plug (and for every edition installation instructions):