Will Xrni Eventually Also Be Able To Contain Xrnt?

I keep wondering if the XRNI Instrument format could eventually also make calls, XRNT-like, to specific Track DSP Chains so that a XRNI could be saved which would also call the effects intended for the use of that XRNI instrument…

Kind of like Ableton Instrument racks with synths + effects…+1 great idea.

Or even better, I’d really like to see a plugin for Renoise like the new Fl Studio “patcher” as it also has visual modular routing view like buzz/reaktor.

is that the same thing as the Reason Combinator, where you can throw a bunch of stuff into a Combinator, which has some generic controls on top which you can then specify to control the controls of individual DSP devices inside of it? damn this sounds a lot more confusing than it is.

Sounds a bit like dBlue’s doofer device with support for instruments