Win Ce Applications?

Know of a good site hosting old win ce apps? like anything under Windows CE 3.00.
I use to know of a bunch of sites, but they have seemingly all since disappeared.

fuck man, all the good parts of the internet have seemingly disappeared. i can’t help you, but i can scream ‘fuck’ along with you! does that help any?

I’m happy my former tiny-gadget-OS of choice still has a rather vivid community.
I own a Psion Siena, a 3c, a 5mx and several spare part units. :)

heh, well I found The Disk, remembered about HPC factor too, but now it’s all about finding a damn null modem cable!

Not an answer to your exact question, but have you tried MilkyTracker?
You can still get the Windows CE/Mobile (ARM, MIPS, x86) from the MilkyTracker site.
Not Renoise, but a pretty good tracker.