Win-vst Wrapper For The Linux Version

Hi all,

First: big big respect for the linux version of renoise :)

The only thing i currently miss is the possibility to use native windows vsts in a way that makes sense.
I know this would be a pretty huge task, but others have done it and it would be possible, dunno how flawless energyXt’s vst integration is, but also free projects like LMMS come up with vst support recently.

I know there are workarounds using jack and a extern wrapper like dssi-vst or fst, but as far as i know, it’s not possible to “record automation” of vst’s that way (correct me if i’m wrong).

So, i’ld understand it’s not of high priority to the dev’s, yet still i know it’s not only me that would appreciate that feature.

Bigups, ReDread
(Sorry, my english is not to good btw :) )

Welcome to the forums :D

energyXT2 doesn’t support windows vsts in its linux version (just native linux ones, just like renoise). LMMS is using fst as far as I know and it is not that reliable, to put it mildly. I think a windows vst support that works only 1/3 of the time and is as sluggish as the current ones are (like fst for example) would help neither renoise nor you as a user.

Just my opinion, though. It surely would be a tremendous feature, I just don’t think, it’s realistic.

oh, didn’t know that energyXT doesn’t support win-vst’s.
hm, lmms uses its own reverse engineered vst headers, they work fine with nearly all effect plugins, most synth’s don’t work right tho currently, so, let’s wait until they get more stable and then integrate them into renoise :D (they’re GPL2)
or even better, improve & integrate them now and give something back to the opensource scene :)

just a note for others that have the same problem:
renoise works pretty well in wine, not all vsts are working, but most of them …

yes, that’s true. I sometimes use the windows version with wine to make some nice glitch loops using dblue’s plugin. But the rest is all linux.

my two cents: if you really miss native Windows VST plugins, then there is probably something wrong with your choice about Linux

offtopic: well, i actually tried windows again, just because of vsts after over 2 years linux only … and just couldn’t stand it, had 3 trojans after 2 days, and all this spyware an thing. nothing wrong with using renoise via wine, is it? … it even solved my “renoise locks soundcard” problem :D

How do you get 3 trojans after 2 days ?
You dont patch windows ? (like, having a pirated version and win update not available?), Using IE ?

I’ve been on windows for years and have yet to have any problems with trojans.

offtopic again: sorry missed the last post, you’re actually right, it was a pirated version and trojans have propably been on the install cd :slight_smile: (yet another reason for me not to use win, i would have to buy it, i’ld rather spend the money on audio software :wink:
Still don’t get the point of the “if you want to use vsts buy windows” argument, don’t get me wrong, i don’t mind anyone using windows (if he’s happy with it), i just like linux a lot better for usability, customization & philosophy reasons and don’t see no reason not to ask for linux vst support. it’s not an impossible thing, and the last major drawback of linux audiowise imho. nothin wrong with freedom of choice, is it?

I’ld rather have lots of my favorite VST’s on Linux, if you never have used audio software on Windows and don’t know what VST’s are, i would say:don’t waste time to learn it else you get spoiled.