Winamp And Rendering

renoise beta1…

Do any of you have problems with playing your rendered songs in Winamp??? Almost all of my songs sounds like crkqkqkkrqkqrkkcqrakcktkqaqck when played in Winamp!! This especially happens to wav samples within my songs and i’ve tried rendering with every possible configuration.


Tried other wav-players?
Besides, how does an mp3 generated version of your song sounds?

try enable that auto-adjust-master-volume button next to master volume slider…i got similar problem with 16bit basic rendering mode which solved out with this way…even though my tracks wasn´t originally clippin out without that auto adjust…weird

I was hoping for Renoise maybe having the option of rendering songs directly to MP3 in the near future… but i guess there are probably some loads of different other topics around this board begging for this feature.

Did you try loading the Song in Cool Edit, Audacity or whatever? Maybe you rendered it in 32 bit…

I believe the problem is 32bit rendering. Still it’s weird that Winamp plays it as if it’s distorted. BTW I tried playing it with Musicmatch Jukebox… nothing happened. (?) :o

Will this be fixed in Beta3 or is it already fixed?

There are a few different 32bit formats… maybe it’s that simple that winamp can’t load this one. Try in another app as dopefish said…

Hmm… This discussion has been up before, but it was a while ago so I don’t really remember the details… try to search the forum and maybe you’ll find a solution.

Hmm, couldn’t find anything about the topic. :(

maybe this thread?

Quite old but maybe it’s still valid. Btw, when you search remember to not only search last 30 days (which is default).