Wind Controller - Recording Multiple Simultaneous Ccs

I’m trying to record multiple simultaneous CCs (breath, aftertouch, modwheel etc) from my wind controller. It seems that only the most recent of them gets recorded by default. Adding midi control device and trying to map those from there doesn’t seem to work either - results get flipped over at full power (value 127 reported by midi monitor, changed to 6 by Renoise) instead of being capped to it.

In addition recording this data to pattern doesn’t have much resolution. Trying to workaround that with automation editor and interpolation has basically the same lost data problem and recorded data is also flipped over.

How to record multiple simultaneous midi messages?

Flipped over values disappeared when I tried mapping breath CC again, so that part works currently. And I guess I could get more automation resolution by working at double or quadruple lines per beat.

But mapping a CC to a same CC with Midi meta device to get it even recorded is tad tedious. I have multiple different CCs coming in at the same MIDI timecode and only the last one of them is recorded. It would be better if Renoise could somehow have multiple MIDI CCs per note (and line). Is that currently impossible?

Take a look at the Graphical Automation features.

At the bottom of the pattern editor there’s a button to toggle the behaviour when recording parameter changes.

  • Record parameters to pattern.
  • Record parameters to automation.

When set to record automation envelopes instead of pattern commands, you should have no problem capturing multiple parameter changes simultaneously. There are still a few quirks here and there, but at least you can record each parameter individually.

Another possibility is to use Renoise’s XY Device. This device natively controls 2 parameters at the same time, and will actually record its data to 2 separate columns in the pattern editor. If you MIDI map 2 of your controllers to this, then at least you would be able to get some of that data into the pattern editor, if that’s your preferred way to work.

MIDI works pretty well for live performances, but there are obviously still a few things that need to be fine-tuned when it comes to actually recording your performance.

Regarding the resolution issue, you pretty much just have to work at a higher LPB setting, as you have already discovered.

Thanks for the tip regarding XY device, that might alleviate the problem (breath+bite sensor)! I tried automation curves at the beginning, it just felt counter-intuitive to map a controller to control the exact same CC with MIDI meta-device. And I just got Reaper to fill gaps like this (as I couldn’t get Garageband to record breath).

I remember back in the days there was some buzz about much increased resolution of Renoise, I guess it will manifest itself at some future update (apart from delay column)?

On a somewhat related note: how do I record pitch bend messages into automation lane? Renoise refuses to MIDI map pitch bend to a recordable slider and pitchbend gets recorded as track fx.

Mapping the pitch bend is not possible because the pitch-bend is not send as a CC message. You can however use another controller and map it to the pitch-bend parameter of the Midi Control Device.
It sucks ofcourse if that controller doesn’t automatically returns back to its centerpoint.