Windows 10: ultrawide screen management app not supported with Renoises detached windows?

I’ve just bought an ultrawide monitor to replace the dual monitor set-up and have installed the free powertoys windows app ( Microsoft PowerToys | Microsoft Docs ), which lets you divide the screen in (custom) parts in which you can drag windows/browser tabs to fit the section. It works through holding the shift key while dragging a window, which will light up the section in the background where you can drag it to.

Ideally I’d like the pattern editor in one part, the instrument editor in the middle part and the mixer in the last, but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work. Manually resizing the windows every time isn’t ideal, and perhaps the detached windows from Renoise can be made to work somehow with the “fancy zones” option in the powertoys app?

Anyone have experience with the powertoys app and have gotten it to work with Renoise?

If this app is hard to support, then please consider an option/feature request to automatically detach windows and equally divide them across the available screen space! :sunglasses:

Something like this, but perfectly divided, at the flick of a button woud be sweet;

Such stuff very likely only works when Window’s default window decoration (caption and borders) are enabled. You can enable them in Renoise with a hidden option called ForceUsingSystemWindowDecorations in Renoise’s Config.xml file.

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Thanks for the tip, unfortunately this only seems to work with the main Renoise screen (pattern editor), not for the detached windows (instrument editor & mixer). Even though they have the windows decoration on top through the config change, dragging them while holding shift doesn’t give the option to fix them inside set parts.

Probably there is a reason behind it, but Alt+tab also doesn’t work here with the detached windows. It’ll only tab to the main Renoise screen, like the detached mixer & instrument editor don’t exist.

edit: to be clear, I mean the windows shortcut alt+tab that lets you jump between different program screens.

Yes, they are are a different kind of window which are floating/bound to the main window. Seems that the Microsoft PowerToys thing is ignoring them. Sorry, not much I can do here.

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Probably WS_EX_APPWINDOW added to child windows properties will help. It may have other implications, such as the window appearing in the taskbar and maybe things such as field-tab-indexes begins to behave strange or similar.

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Is this something taktik can do in his code or something that can be done on my end?

I tried my best through a tool called “sendmessage” ( SendMessage - Stefans Tools ) but it seems these styles is not possible to set after a window is opened.

But it is a funny tool, I was able to close the mixer. sample editor etc, making the current instance of renoise perfectly unusable.

I do not know how the renoise code is modifiable for this to work.

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Thanks for the tip, but I don’t want to go to deep changing windows behavior that also could affect other stuff :slight_smile: . Will stick to Renoise own screen presets for now, changing them through midi and or setting screen sizes manually. The feature request remains though, auto-dividing across the screen :sunglasses: .