Windows 10

If anything they should name it Windows 7.5 as it is half windows 7 and half windows 8.

Syflom, Renoise has never skipped a whole number like that, in fact they have had some pretty big sub releases through time, they just don’t care that much about version numbering.

At least they’re finally developing the start menu instead of mandating the metro bullshit. I’m going to miss the black right side buttons though.

I’m downloading the technical preview right now.

Pretty curious to see how/if they managed to pull touch/mouse/keyboard input off in a way that pleases more people than the way it is right now.

Skipping a version number as a “symbolic” step strikes me as nonsense. Sure, 8’s reputation is about on the same level as Vista’s, but I doubt that people feel any different about 10 than they would have about the same thing if MS had called it 9. Just a marketing gimmick.

Well, if it comes out in autumn of 2015, I’ll probably get it end of 2016, or whenever I impulse-buy a new laptop. I only just got 8.1 when I bought a new laptop a couple months ago. My desktop and old laptop run 7, and I have no plans to change that. 8.1 isn’t actually so bad after I tweaked it and it “almost” feels like 7 if you boot directly into desktop mode and use a Start menu replacement.

I’d like to switch to ArchLinux full-time, but for work reasons I’m better off with Windows on my “main” machine for now. Then there’s music and gaming (slowly moving that over to handhelds, and my desktop is now pretty much a PC-based console only). If u-he follow through with porting their stuff to Linux, that’ll make a possible switch more appealing, too. Just glad Renoise will work no matter what I decide in the long run.


Missed their chance to call it Windows One.

hehe yeah or Windows 360

Or just “The New Windows”.

I’d much prefer rolling Windows releases over these cyclic ones, but I guess that’s not all that practical for many people, and not economically desirable for MS.