Windows 7 - £50 For Home, £90 For Pro.…ubcat/Windows-7

Pretty damn cheap I’d say! Might well go for the home edition as pro only has a small number of extra features, and can always upgrade.

I’d be wary of this… It may turn out to be an incorrectly labelled upgrade version of Windows 7, rather than the full install. This means you’ll need another full copy of Windows (XP or Vista) to be installed first. This also means that if you ever need to wipe your system clean and reinstall Windows 7, yep you guessed it, you’ve gotta do a full install of XP or Vista all over again, then upgrade to 7 on top of that.

Edit: Ah, I didn’t realise they were doing such cheap pre-orders… interesting!…re-what-how-huh

Maybe those prices are genuine then… hmm! Seems like places are running out of stock pretty damn quick though…

Anyway… I was planning to buy a new laptop pretty soon. Unfortunately I will have to get Vista x64 (since nobody seems to offer XP x64 anymore) to take advantage of the amount of ram I’m thinking of getting (4 - 8 gb), but I do know that if you buy a machine with Vista anytime before Win 7 is released, you get a free upgrade to equivalent version… so Vista Ultimate x64 would get you Win 7 Ultimate for free, etc.


About upgrade versions, slashdot reports the following story:

It seems that to install Windows 7 in Europe, you’ll have to wipe the system and start over. There will be no ability to upgrade. From the article, ‘The unfortunate side effect has been caused by Microsoft’s decision to avoid any further EU censure on Windows 7 by removing Internet Explorer 8 from the OS. Because Internet Explorer is so deeply integrated within Vista, it’s not currently possible to perform an upgrade that removes IE.’ Why would Microsoft cripple it this way? Just to try and point fingers at the European Union? Because the EU didn’t tell them to remove IE, they only told them to offer other browsers to be installed during setup.

Are there any more places where you can buy Windows 7 at this price? I’m gonna buy a new PC in the near future, and I’d like to use Windows 7 with it :)

Best thing about not using current microsoft OS’s, is not knowing how to fix other people’s problems. :D

It’s old news, the cheap sales were all sold out in one day.
The list of resellers currently put the old price tags in the display which means that an upgrade is now no less than $199,-

Still appears to be available in several MS certified UK outlets (well it lets me add to basket and get to the point of entering card details).

Provided it’s still available in just over a week, I’ll probably get my hands on a copy. Yeh the whole EU IE8 thing is pretty messed up, but let’s face it - IE8 is total crap anyway, and I’d consider it a bonus to have it pre-uninstalled, but still have the option of putting it on - no biggie.

MS states that if you have XP installed already, you’ll have to backup files, wipe, then do a fresh W7 install, so it seems you don’t need a pre-installed XP OS either. A fresh install is always better than an upgrade anyway.

Preordered mine from, since the german ones were sold out way to quick. People who had to work during the day had barely a chance to order one. Also i guess that the remaining UK shops only have some left, since they either don’t ship internationally or discarded international orders in favor of UK ones.

Just got mine from PC world. £45 - bargain!

as far as I understand, there is no 64-bit version available among these?

You’ll get both.

indeed. thanks, preordered mine at Amazon!

I don’t see any cheap offers on Amazon, or is it just me?

It’s 62 pounds (the English, not the .com!).

Ahh, that explains things :)

How about OEM versions? How much will those cost?

Well, I was gonna order the Professional edition, but NONE of the webshops offer PayPal payment! :angry: Noone in my surrounding has a creditcard, so I guess I’m forced to buy an expensive dutch version (we get no discounts)… :(