Windows 7 - Antares Autotune

Anyone know a way to get this working? for some reason when I install it it just doesn’t show up in any software :frowning:

Don’t you think you would be better off contacting Antares support for this?

This forum is for Renoise technical support only.

Well, woulda been fine if he’d posted it in the offtopic forum, just to see if any users here knew

Yeah, sorry, when I said “this forum” I mainly just meant here in “Help & Support”. Should have clarified that I guess.

Either way though, Antares should be the first place to look for information.

Sorry! Guess when I’m doing stuff in Renoise and something doesn’t work, the first thing that comes to mind is to go to the Renoise forums <_<

What’s more, Renoise doesn’t appear on the list of compatible or incompatible hosts on the Antares website, so I don’t expect I’ll get any support there.

Nevermind eh.

How are the plugins goin dblue? Got anything new I can play with?

I got it to work in Renoise. You have to copy some files from the autotune installation folder to some system folder. Just google for it.

Edit: Found it. You have to add the 4 runtime .dll’s (msvcp71.dll, msvcr71.dll, mfc71u.dll and mfc71.dll) to the system32 folder.

Be glad it isn’t working! :wink:

Sorry for my cranky response earlier. I was having a weird night - didn’t mean to take it out on you! Sometimes the love for Renoise gets a bit overwhelming, so if I see something off-topic where it’s not supposed to be, I go a bit crazy :P

My antares autotune is on (I’m using the EFX version) but I can’t really do anything with it and it doesn’t do anything either. It shows the note the vocal sample is currently playing but it doesn’t adjust anything. What do I have to do to do this?

I also tried GSnap without any luck. It shows the note, but it doesn’t adjust anything