Windows 7? Better Or Worse In My Machine?

I have a core 2 duo e7200, 2 gb ram, geforce 8600. Actually I have installed windows XP and Leopard OSX (hackintosh). Leopard is much faster, is a modern OS, and XP is from 2001!
In my machine, will windows 7 work faster than XP? I want to run music software and some games (Fallout 3!!!)

I’d keep windows xp for as long as I can.

I don’t think it will be “faster” than xp.

I would go for Windows 7.

But, I run OSX. So I dunno.

Just seems odd that people would use an OS from 2001 when, for every other OS on the market, that’s a disgrace.

I’m about to try it, students get it for £30 right now, which is about the most i’d pay for windows :P

Is it possible to ‘update’ my vista homepremium to windows 7 and leave all installed programs intact? I don’t want to format the hd for fresh install.

i got the impression that was possible. i think you only need a clean install if you are on XP.

Yeah, but the unixes are another thing. I dont like Vista, and 7 looks promising, but the requirements are high. I want the 64 bits version, but I have only 2g RAM.

I have a notebook with almost the same specs as your pc and windows 7 installed. Renoise works great and Fallout 3 too. Can’t assure you it will work faster or slower but I’m using w7 since dec 08 (beta version and now rc) and I’m happy with it.

I’m waiting on the win7 install until there’s some driver support for my audio hardware. Or until I get the money to buy a new midi interface, since it looks like it may never get win7 support.

I have core2duo e6300 and 4gig of ram.

Win 7 seems to need just under 1gig of ram for desktop i.e. antivirus running etc. here.

I have read varying amounts of min RAM used on differing machines / setups and I am sure it must be tweakable.

just something to be aware of though as I have seen similar to my RAM usage reported by others.

OK, thats useful to me. The 64 bits version needs 2 gb (minimun), if in a months I put 2 gb more I will need the 64 bits version, and with 4 gb I think 7 will run OK.
I hope 7 works good after the frsts months, unlike XP that run very well but with time gets slow.

I installed window 7 (professional, 32bit) today. seems alright, everything seems to work okay so far and it is fast enough.