Windows 7: Mousewheel Is Very Difficult To Use / Insensitive

This applies to at least Renoise 2.1 and 2.5 under Windows 7 x64, and probably all versions before, also. My mouse is the MS Comfort Mouse 3000 under Intellipoint 7.0 x64.

I’ve just made the move to Windows 7 x64, and Renoise is no longer responding to vertical scrolling below a certain “threshold”, i.e. I really have to spin the mousewheel quickly to make it register anything in Renoise. Oddly, horizontal scrolling works just fine.

My mouse settings are: Speed is 1/6th up the speed slider (close to Slow), Enable Accelerated Scrolling is on, and accelerated scrolling’s Speed slider is on the 3rd tick-mark (close to Slow).
However, I have altered each of, and both of, these sliders to full speed and nothing made a difference :(

The mousewheel works fine everywhere else.

I’m using windows 7 64 here and can’t say I’m experiencing the same probs.

Works fine for me too here.

Intellipoint software uses its own driver architecture so that you can customize your mouse to all your needs.
Are you sure this posed no problems under Windows XP?
This might be a difference between DirectX 9c and DirectxX 10 then i guess…

I was using Intellipoint 5.5 under XP, now I’m using 7.0 x64 under Win7 x64.

5.5 never posed a problem under XP.

Are you in need of an extra function the driver offers? Just asking because my OCZ Mouse works better with the standard windows driver and the OCZ software felt rather clumsy. You could try uninstalling the Intellitype software and see if it works better, most mouse software is hardly needed at all.

We could ignore the acceleration for mouse wheel movements, which seems to be the problem here, but this will then make it less comfortable for others.

Please try if using a different mouse driver fixes the problem for you, or if changing the general windows settings for the mouse, not the driver specific ones, helps…

Before I installed IntelliPoint 7 x64, I was missing vscroll acceleration, which made practical scrolling of long distances pretty annoying and difficult. I would also be missing use of the side button. As far as I recall, horizontal scrolling was also missing, but I could be wrong there.
IntelliPoint 5.5 (i386) also had vscroll acceleration under XP-32 and yet it worked fine in Renoise.

RE: ignoring acceleration - this wouldn’t work. I already turned it off under Control Panel → Mouse, and Renoise still acts up. There is no configuration under this mouse driver where Renoise scrolling works normally.
RE: try different drivers - I don’t know what other driver would work for this mouse under Win7 x64. Selecting the appropriate options at the MS website yields only this one driver.

…I am now uninstalling the IP7 mouse drivers all together to see if things improve at all…
EDIT: Nope, Renoise vscrolling is still stuffed. IP7 is definitely gone, along with use of the side-button (hscroll is still there; Win7 seems to have it built-in).

Weird that the side buttons don’t work for you without the driver, for me it was kinda the opposite behaviour. That OCZ software only had the ability to map software to these buttons and after uninstalling it i got my browser back / forward functionality and also games finally recognised them.

I’ve added a new options “Apply Mouse Wheel Acceleration” to the Preferences -> Keys (not really the right place, but well) for Renoise 2.5 (Beta 9)

This should make everyone happy?

Yay for options! \o/

I’ll let you know if it fixes the problem as soon as I get back home…

EDIT: Yay, she works. Huge thanks for rectifying! :) I’m not going to fuss about Intellipoint’s own scroll-acceleration facility being ignored.

EDIT 2: The perfect behaviour would be to mimic Firefox’s scrolling behaviour.