Windows 7 With More Than 2Gb Ram

Anyone here experimenting with that? is it possible?

I got 12 Gb, works more than fine. :D

are you serious?! does win 7 “sees” or recognizes the 12gb? Which mother board are you using?

Asus P6T SE x58

and my windows7 is 64 bit ofc.

cool, what about issues with 32bit software and plugin compatibility?

Until now I’ve never had any problems using 32bit software. :)

Even better, I had lots of issues using Adobe Photoshop CS4 64bit, or it crashed just out of the blue or it crashed when I tried to load my text-tool (+1000 fonts), so I got back to the 32 bit version of Photoshop… (And it’s a legal version…)

Interesting. That’s awesome. Just did a clean install of Win7 32bit, I could very well go back and reinstall to 64bit and upgrade my ram. Thx bro!

you need the 64 bit version to run over 4 gb. Keep in mind you need to find all the 64 bit drivers for your hardware.
Now only if we had a 64 bit renoise to go with it…

I have experienced crashes and non-working vst’s by switching from 32 to 64 bit Windows 7. 100% same hardware. On 32bit I rarely had crashes and all vst’s were working just fine. Also I haven’t noticed anything special after the re-install, the computer acts as before. Also Windows’ own “testsuite” gave out exactly same figures on both 32bit and 64bit system.